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Liam Byrne Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Relationship & More



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Liam Byrne biography, age height, net worth, relationship, family and many more can be accessed below.

Liam Byrne’s Biography
Well-known Irish criminal and a member of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group, Liam Byrne was born on October 30, 1980 in Dublin, Ireland.

Byrne was born to James Byrne and Sadie Byrne. Of his six siblings, he is the second youngest.

He has a sister Maria and his youngest sibling David Byrne who was shot dead in February 2016 as part of the Hutch–Kinahan rivalry.

He is Thomas Kavanagh’s in-law’s brother. He is Freddie Thompson’s cousin, who was found guilty of murder.

Liam Byrne’s Nationality
Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland. He is Irish.

Liam Byrne’s Net Worth
Byrne has a net worth estimated to be about 3 million Euros.

Where is Liam Byrne from?
Byrne hails from Dublin in Ireland.

How old is Liam Byrne?
Byrne was born on October 30, 1980, hence he is currently 42 years of age.

Liam Byrne’s Height & Weight
Byrne stands at a height of 1.91m tall and weighs 108kg.

Liam Byrne’s Career
Garda learned to recognize Byrne as a cannabis and later ecstasy street dealer. The medication was provided to them by Christy Kinahan.

Kinahan hails from St. Theresa’s Gardens, a neighborhood in Crumlin not far from where Byrne lived. Kinahan was in his late 30s and based in both Dublin and Tamworth when Byrne was in his early teens.

The gang’s first leader was Kinahan. Christy Kinahan was detained and imprisoned in Dublin in 1997 as a result of her connection to a collection of stolen checks.

Freddie Thompson took over as the gang’s leader, and Byrne and his pals began getting their drugs from other sources.

He has been found guilty of both assault and armed robbery. He committed both offenses while still a teenager.

In July 1998, Byrne and his close buddy Liam Greenhalgh the captain of Ireland’s under-16 team conducted armed robberies at two stores in Dublin’s south inner city. During the second robbery, a Garda who was not on duty entered the store.

Liam admitted to accusations of burglary, reckless driving, and guns possession. He was found guilty and given a four-year sentence with probation in January 2000.

On April 23, 2000, three ladies confronted Trevor Donnelly and his partner Jennifer Doyle in the Abrakebabra restaurant in the Crumlin Shopping Center.

As a security guard interfered, the women attacked them after leaving the takeout. As soon as Byrne got out of his car, he started bashing Donnelly with a baseball bat while he was still lying on the ground.

There were about fifty witnesses to the attack, but only Doyle and Donnelly were willing to give a statement. Most others were too terrified of Byrne and his group to provide testimony.

His suspended sentence was put into effect when he appeared in court, and on May 23, 2000, he was locked up for the first time.

Doyle was the target of many intimidation attempts by Byrne. First, he threatened to kill her if she testified and gave her €50,000 to be quiet. She turned down the bribe.

She was threatened again and had to leave her house since it had been shot at. An INLA shooter was asked to kill her as part of a conspiracy to stop her from testifying.

She was practically impoverished and lived in B&Bs and hotels under a false identity. She wasn’t a part of the witness protection scheme.

After giving her testimony, she was attacked in the Four Courts’ hallways and suffered serious injuries.

Her testimony played a significant role in Byrne’s conviction, and two years were added to the original four-year sentence, making it a total of four and a half years after remission.

The Court of Appeals concluded that the sentences should run consecutively even though they were originally intended to run concurrently.

Liam Byrne’s Marital Status
Byrne is married to Simoan McEnroe.

Liam Byrne’s Family & Siblings
Byrne was born to James Byrne and Sadie Byrne. Of his six siblings, he is the second youngest.

Why is Liam Byrne famous?
Byrne is an Irish criminal and member of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group founded by Christy Kinahan.

Liam Byrne’s Children
Byrne has a son named Lee Byrne.

Liam Byrne’s Social Media
We have no details about Byrne’s social media accounts.

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