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“Legend at home and abroad”: Video of Olu Jacobs as a young actor stuns many

On social media, a vintage clip of renowned actor Olu Jacobs in a Hollywood TV series has surfaced.

Olu Jacobs, who portrayed Geoffrey Ademola, gave a superb performance and displayed elegance.
The footage astounded many people.



"Legend at home and abroad": Video of Olu Jacobs as a young actor stuns many

Hollywood and Nollywood have both benefited greatly from the work of legendary Nigerian actor Olu Jacobs.

Olu Jacobs had already been in a few British television series before moving back to Nigeria, as evidenced by the appearance on Nigerian social media of a clip from one of his sequences in The Crezz (TV Series 1976), in which he played Geoffrey Ademola.

Olu Jacobs’ eloquence and poise were impressive as many Nigerians applauded the veteran.

The veteran actor was 34 years old at that time.

Watch the video below:

According to Wikipedia, The Crezz is a British television drama produced by Thames Television and shown on the ITV network in 1976.

The Crezz was set in a fictitious West London crescent, Carlisle Crescent. The series was 12 one-hour programmes, each focused on a different household.

Nigerians hail Olu Jacobs

See some of the comments WOTHAPPEN captured below:


“Olu Jacobs! A very talented actor.”


“Master of the stage. His wife, Joke, said he was her teacher too.”


“Talent be like garri E no need advert at all.”


“Legend overseas, legend at home.”


Olu jacob is nigeria’s Morgan freeman.”


“Yoruba Demon with a stamp on it. The poise .”


“British accent on point. Olu Jacobs is a true legend.”


“His “no no no” remained the same with the expression…”


“Old Nollywood were actually really good But they had to dumb down their talent to fit the Nigerian target audience at the time.”


“Old age is one of my fear ,I wanna get old but still scared may God make it easy for us.”

Joke Silva opens up on Olu Jacobs’ dementia

Joke Silva made headlines over some details she shared as she opened up about her marital struggle with legendary actor Olu Jacobs.

During an interview on actress Nancy Isime’s show, Joke Silva discussed how she had been handling Olu Jacob’s dementia as she revealed it had affected her marriage.

In her words:

“It has not been easy… There was a point of acceptance for me that everything happening is reality and it is like the person I married, 80 percent of the time is no longer there.”

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