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Lagos flight is very cheap: Man discover a flight ticket that cost only N6,500

A man claimed that his travel from Ibadan, Oyo state, to Lagos cost about N6,500 and was the least expensive flight in Nigeria.

The man, Seun Timothy, recorded a video on TikTok of himself purchasing a ticket and boarding a Green Africa airplane.



Is very cheap: Man discovered a flight ticket that cost only N6,500

A man found a flight ticket from Ibadan, Oyo state, to Lagos for around N6,500.

Seun Timothy, claimed to have taken a ticket to Lagos for N6,500 with Green Africa Airline.

In the video he posted on TikTok on Sunday, August 20, 2023, Seun said the flight to Lagos is one of the cheapest in the world.

Seun showed when he paid the N6,500 at the Ibadan airport and boarded the aircraft.

Many pays N6,500 for cheap flight in Nigeria

Making a comparison, he said the flight fare could get one pack of pizza in Laogs.

Many people who saw Seun’s video asked how possible it is to pay such a low amount for a flight to Lagos.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as man flies from Ibandan to Lagos with just N6,500

@Randell said:

“To be honest I’ll rather fly for this amount every time than drive back and forth.”

@donblack106 said:

“Did they postpone your flight date too? Because me I no understand again.”

@user9513537316762 asked:

“Is there an airport in Ibadan?”

@user1162183861138 Ataa said:

“Please what’s the name of the flight?”

@ibkqy said:

“I need to go watch this video on YouTube. There is flight from Ibadan to Lagos.”

@ibkqy commented:

“Ibadan Airport is working. I have been in Ibadan for years and I have no idea that the airport is working.”

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