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JV And Natasha Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

On the off chance that you are considering what befell JV and Natasha, they had been missing from their The JV Show for almost a large portion of a year beginning from September last year, JV was determined to have Lyme sickness.

JV and Natasha are two hosts of The JV Show alongside co-has Selena and Graham. The wedded couple had been away from the show for almost a half year after JV began having unusual floods through his body and couldn’t stay aware of facilitating the show.

In any case, a few has made their presence in the show now and are discussing the family ailment with their audience members at iHeart. They were additionally radio quiet on their online entertainment for the time which made their fans stress over their prosperity.

Just to let you know…

— JV (@JV) August 20, 2021

Allow us to find out about JV and Natasha and investigate their wellbeing and update.

What has been going on with JV And Natasha? JV and Natasha were missing from The JV Show for north of a half year beginning last September.

The couple didn’t make a declaration about their nonappearance or posted anything on their online entertainment account during the period.

Because of the unannounced nonappearance, JV and Natasha’s fans and adherents were exceptionally stressed over the two and were looking for replies on the web.

A new study about cannabis users!! This is very interesting. We’re gonna talk about it in two minutes- tune in @Wild949 right here

— JV (@JV) August 13, 2021

To the help of their audience members, JV and Natasha are back on the show and have a few stories with them worth offering to their audience members.

Notwithstanding, he has composed an extensive article on his excursion which is found on the Wild 94.9 site enumerating his conclusion and treatment. As per his blog, he will not have the option to make numerous commitments however in particular he is back in the show.

JV And Natasha Illness and Health Update  He began getting those odd floods from March 2021, he began experiencing issues remaining in discussion with others.

This AM
7:05 This expensive-ass Cat!
7:20 The passing of Zion I
7:35 Our “Run It” Game
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820 I have a funny story ????

Join us here!

— JV (@JV) August 16, 2021

The next months expanded the force and recurrence of such floods, he would frequently be busy with the considerations of them and wake up the entire evening as per Wild 94.9.

As time elapsed by, he began creating mind haze and turned out to be more delicate to light and sound. He was recommended dozing prescriptions by the specialist which would give him around 2 to 3 hours of rest each evening.

In September 2021, he had a significant episode of those floods and got knocked off. JV was taken to the trauma center by his significant other Natasha and later JV got determined to have Lyme illness.

In spite of the fact that JV is recuperating with assistance from Natasha and meds, he isn’t totally sound and doesn’t talk much about his wellbeing and condition since talking about his sickness expands the possibilities having another episode.

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