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John Meadows Biography,Net Worth,Age,Death & more



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John Meadows biography, age height, net worth, relationship, family and many more can be accessed below.

John Meadows also known as Mountain Dog was an American professional bodybuilder, personal trainer and coach, nutritionist and an entrepreneur. He is known for his Mountain Dog Diet and ebooks on training and diet, clothing and fitness equipment as well as training programs.

Who was John Meadows?
John Meadows was born on April 11, 1972 in Washington Court House, Ohio, United States of America. He was born to American parents whose names are unknown. John’s mother died when he was very young and he had never met his father. He was raised by his grandmother who also left him in 1999. He had a sibling, a sister named Christina Dobbins. He lastly celebrated his 49th birthday as of 2021. Aries was his Zodiac sign and his religion was Christian.

John Meadows studied Anatomy and Physiology section in Muscle and Fitness which was the field of his interest from a young age. He earned his BA degree from Capital University majoring in Health and Fitness Management. After graduating college, he worked at Aerotek. He spent a decade at JP Morgan Chase, even making it up to VP of the retail administration division. He shifted to his fitness empire in 2008. He contributed to publications like Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, T-Nation, and more.

In 1985, John Meadows began his bodybuilding career at age 13 while also pursuing his passion for powerlifting. Went he ahead to compete is several bodybuilding competitions. In 1997 he competed at the NPC Physique Light Heavyweight and came out 2nd place. He placed 6th in the NPC Junior USA Light Heavyweight in 1998. A year later, he placed 1st and 4th in NPC Jan Tana Amateur Heavyweight & Overall and NPC USA Championships Heavyweight respectively.

In 2005, Meadows was diagnosed with a rare colon disease called idiopathic myointimal hyperplasia of the mesenteric veins. He returned in 2007 to come in 16th place in the IFBB North American Championships. In 2015, he earned a pro card by coming in first place in the NPC Universe, Bodybuilding. Finally in 2017, he competed in Muscle Mayhem Pro, IFBB Open Men, coming out at 14th place.

John Meadows was a family man. He was married to his beautiful wife Mary Meadows. John often spoke profoundly about his wife and is thankful to her as she has been his biggest influence and motivator in his life. Mary was very supportive of him in every step of his life. They are also the parents of twins kids; both sons namely Jonathan and Alexander born in the year 2006.

Professional bodybuilder John Meadows died “unexpectedly” and “peacefully” at home on Sunday at 49 years old, according to a Facebook post by his wife. Known as the “Mountain Dog,” Meadows competed in bodybuilding competitions for over 30 years.

As of 2021, the net worth of John Meadows is estimated to have US$3 Million. His main source of wealth comes from his role as a bodybuilder, coach, and nutritionist. He also runs a YouTube channel and has proven to be a successful entrepreneur as well which boosts up his net worth.

What was John Meadows’s age, height and weight?
John Meadows born on April 11, 1972 died August 8, 2021. He was 49 years when he passed away peacefully at his home. He stood at 5 feet 6 inches and weighed 102 kilograms at his heaviest.

What was John Meadows’s Nationality and Ethnicity?
John Meadows was an American and he was white.

What was John Meadows’s profession?
John Meadows was a professional bodybuilder, trainer, nutritionist and entrepreneur. He has been a competitive bodybuilder since he was 13 years old. He competed on the side throughout his banking career which included a long stretch as a vice president at JP Morgan Chase and coached other bodybuilders when he wasn’t at the office.

Mountain Dog Diet sells products such as ebooks on training and diet, clothing and fitness equipment, training programs such as the $95, 12-week “Novice Workout Package” and Skype consultations for $200 an hour. He also coaches athletes, who pay him $3,000 to $5,000 for six months of coaching.

In between all of this, he writes for fitness publications such as T-nation and Muscle & Fitness. Meadows also signed on with a supplement company to develop a protein bar called The Best Bar Ever.

When did John Meadows pass away?
John Meadows passed away on August 8, 2021.

What was the cause of John Meadows’s death?
According to Fitness Volt, John Meadows died in his sleep due to a pulmonary embolism. Mayo Clinic has described pulmonary embolism as a “potential blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries of the lungs.” The condition is caused by deep vein thrombosis when a blood clot hits the lungs from the deep veins of the human body.

Before his death on August 8, 2021, John Meadows suffered a cardiac arrest in 2020. He also had a history of suffering from a “clotting disorder” in his blood but that he eventually recovered from.

Who was John Meadows married to?
John Meadows was married to Mary Meadows.

Did John Meadows have kids?
John Meadows had twin sons Jonathan and Alexander. He and his wife Mary welcomed the twin in 2006.

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