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Irritating story emerges: ‘Jerk’ berates guy for choosing separate bill, labeled a ‘cheapskate’

‘Jerk’ criticizes man for requesting separate bill, branding him a ‘cheapskate’ – an irritating tale



Controversial incident: ‘Jerk’ insults man, accusing him of being a ‘cheapskate’ for asking for separate bill:

 A Reddit post called ‘AITA for always getting a separate bill’ has gone viral this week and left everyone furious at a ‘jerk’.

This post, published under the well-known ‘Am I the a**hole’ thread earlier this year, discusses a relatable, yet aggravating circumstance familiar to numerous people.

‘AITA for always getting a separate bill’

 his 30s who belongs to a long-standing group of friends from secondary school.

He frequently meets up with them, but unlike the others, he doesn’t consume alcohol and has dietary restrictions, making his meal less expensive. 

Because he can’t share food and needs his own dishes, he has consistently received a separate bill when dining out.

The rest of the group then splits the remainder evenly, a suggestion that was made by a friend years ago and nobody has ever had an issue.

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Guy called a ‘cheapskate’

However, one of the friends recently brought her new boyfriend Aaron to the meal to introduce him to the group.

He ordered a few extra drinks than everyone else and more than one dish, but they all have a tendency to over-order so no one minded.

However, when the bill came and the Reddit user’s part was separated out, Aaron started getting annoyed and told him to “stop being a cheapskate” and pay his share like everyone else.

“I tried to explain but he just dug his heels in and got yelly and called me tight-fisted and selfish,” he wrote.

“I got flustered and paid my bill and left. Am I TA for still taking a separate bill even a decade later? Should I not be doing that?”

Young people sitting in a bright café are having a toast with glasses of white wine during dinner. The glasses are seen from bird’s eye view while …

Reddit users are irritated

Reddit users are all in agreement that the writer is NTA (not the a**hole) and are slamming Aaron for being a “jerk”.

One person wrote: “NTA. Aaron was very inappropriately inserting himself into a friend dynamic that he knows nothing about. He was being a major AH to someone he barely knows. Don’t even bother wasting a thought on jerks like that.”

“NTA. He was an entitled a**hole who was angry because you weren’t willing to pay for his drinks. Anyone criticizing you for separate checks in general is delusional. Asking a non-drinker to split the bill with a table full of drinkers is extortion,” said another.

A third person added: “NTA. You didn’t drink or have what they had so no. Aaron needs to mind his business and stop expecting others to pay his food and drink bill. He probably ordered more than everyone and drank more than everyone.”

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