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Jaruma Reveals What Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba Told Northerners In Hausa Language (PHOTOS).

Jaruma Reveals What Presidential Aspirant Adamu Garba Told Northerners In Hausa Language PHOTOS

We all know Adamu Garba is a presidential Aspirant for the next election as he hopes to become the next president of the country Nigeria. Ever since the beginning of the EndSARS protest, Mr Garba has made several controversial tweets that got Nigerians blasting him and he has sued the CEO Twitter, Jack and fined him $1 billion because he supported EndSARS Protesters.

Jaruma Reveals What Presidential Aspirant Adamu Garba Told Northerners In Hausa Language PHOTOS

Now again he has been involved in another issue as popular Kayamata seller, Jaruma revealed all he said in a video he made in Hausa. Apparently, he was addressing his Northern brothers in that video but because it was all in Hausa Language, only those who could speak and understand the language (Northerners mostly) could hear him well.

However, Jaruma took to her Instagram page to reveal that what he told the Northerners in his video is wrong as he is just out to incite violence. She Revealed all he said in his video in a summary.

Jaruma told Nigerians on instagram that Adamu Garba was telling his northern brothers to stand behind Buhari and unite against other tribes. Apparently, he wants to incite tribalism into this and cause a fight between tribes.

Jaruma went further to say that in Garba’s video to the northern he told them to stand behind Buhari firmly even though the president isn’t working and nothing is working and that they should fight for her honor.

She said all this while she made a video recording of herself speaking with Adamu Garba on phone calling him out for his wrong message to the Northerners because most of them are illiterates and will listen to what he says.

Jaruma further posted that most of the thugs in Abuja are illiterates who neither use phones nor understand English and they don’t even know why some Nigerians are protesting. She added that these thugs might have been told that Christians are tying to unseat the president and that’s how illiteracy has been weaponised.

See Photos of Jaruma speaking on what Adamu Garba said while calling him on phone to call him out in his wrong message to the Northerners.

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