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    Ivana Hrynkiw responds after prison official said her skirt ‘was too short’ to witness execution

    Reporter Ivana Hrynkiw has spoken out after an Alabama prison official told her that her skirt “was too short” to witness an execution, reports.

    The journalist visited the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) to report on Joe Nathan James Jr’s execution when she was told her skirt violated the prison dress code.

    Hrynkiw detailed her experience on Twitter, while a spokesperson for the prison has come forward with a statement.


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    Ivana Hrynkiw responds after being told skirt ‘too short’

    As reported by, Ivana Hrynkiw said an ADOC official told her the skirt and shoes she was wearing violated the prison dress code.

    Hrynkiw, a reporter and managing producer at, visited the prison on Friday (July 28) to report on the execution of Joe Nathan James Jr, who received the death sentence for killing his ex in 1994, Sky News reports.

    “Tonight, a representative of the Alabama Department of Corrections told me publicly I couldn’t view the execution because my skirt was too short,” Ivana wrote in a Twitter post.

    “At 5ft 7in and 5ft 10in with my heels on, I am a tall and long-legged person. I tried to pull my skirt to my hips to make the skirt longer, but was told it was still not appropriate.

    “Luckily, a very kind photographer from a Birmingham TV station offered me his rain gear.”

    Hrynkiw then said after changing into the “fisherman’s wader pants”, she was also told her shoes were “too revealing”. After changing into tennis shoes, the reporter was finally able to witness the execution.

    In her Twitter statement, Hrynkiw claimed she had worn the same skirt to previous executions.

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    In other news…— Ivana Hrynkiw Shatara (@IvanaSuzette) July 29, 2022

    Alabama Media Group editor-in-chief Kelly Ann Scott called the reporter’s treatment “unacceptable” and “unequal”.

    “I’m proud to work with Ivana who, despite this treatment, continued to report the story with professionalism to our audiences in Alabama,” Kelly Ann Scott said.

    “This was sexist and an egregious breach of professional conduct. And it should not happen to any other reporter again.”

    Alabama prison issues statement

    In a statement to the publication, a spokesperson for the ADOC said there was a regulation in place regarding journalists reporting on executions.

    “Within this regulation there is a dress code for all visitors including reporters covering executions. All administrative regulations are posted on the ADOC website,” the spokesperson said.

    “The wardens of each ADOC facility enforce this dress code based on each event and current safety conditions. It will be the policy of ADOC in the future to remind all members of the media about this dress code before any media event taking place at an ADOC facility.

    “We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this regulation may have caused. We hope by including it in future media advisories, we can avoid this kind of situation.”

    Joe Nathan James Jr, 50, was executed via lethal injection.

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