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It’s Holiday Season – And Steam Gift Card Rates Are Off The Roof – #SteamHeat

Its Holiday Season And Steam Gift Card Rates Are Off The Roof SteamHeat

It’s Holiday Season – And Steam Gift Card Rates Are Off The Roof – #SteamHeat

I am sure you have been hearing about #SteamHeat for some days now. #Steamheat this, #SteamHeat that. If you do know fully understand what it is about it may begin to sound annoying. However, this might be your easiest and biggest bag this December. Don’t ignorance allow you to miss out on cash this holiday? 

What is #SteamHeat?

#SteamHeat is a campaign launched for Cardtonic users by the brand On their application. During this campaign, you can sell steam gift cards for the highest rates in the country only for a limited time (30 Days). 20th November 2022 – 20 December 2022.

Although the price of steam gift card on Cardtonic have been high all year, the rates in November and December are off the roof. Of course, we all love awoof, and we know curiosity killed the cat. However, we had to ask the team why and how is this even possible. 

They let us know that steam gift cards are in massive demand currently because of the holiday period. During the off time, there is a spike in the number of people that play video games. The steam gift card can be used as a method of payment to purchase all new games, videos, and other downloadable content on the platform. 

Because the demand for gift cards is high, the rates of this digital asset have also increased. Simple economics. Cardtonic has always been a customer-inclined platform, and this hasn’t stopped till now. This is why they launched this campaign as an incentive for all individuals to sell their steam gift cards for cash during peak season, instead of keeping profits all to themselves. 

What is The Rate Of a £100 Steam Gift Card on Cardtonic? 

The UK steam gift card comes in two forms. Physical and ecode. The physical form of this gift card currently has a rate of 750/£1 and ecode 700/£1. 

Imagine being able to get as high as 75,000 Naira simply by selling your £100 steam gift card today. Thanks to Cardotnic you don’t have to imagine alone, you can receive that in your account. 

All you need to do is to download the application on your App store, register on the platform, and you can start receiving your heavy credit alerts. Utilize your digital asset this holiday season. 




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