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    It Has a Swimming Pool: 4 Men Build Big Fine House in Village Using only Mud, Video of the Place Wows Many

    It Has a Swimming Pool: 4 Men Build Big Fine House in Village Using only Mud, Video of the Place Wows Many

    Four talented men from Cambodia have taken making items with mud to a new height entirely – they built a big house using only mud.

    Nas Daily shared on Facebook a video of the incredible village mud house that has a swimming pool, cushion chair and other household items made with only clay.

    They use special locally made tools to build:

    Speaking with Nas Daily, a man identified as Molly said he noticed the creative works of Cambodians and sought to bring their special handy talents to the world by featuring their works consistently on YouTube.

    Molly, a builder who is resident in Cambodian, added that he then found clay builders who reside in the jungle and would give them building plans to which they brought to reality using mud.

    The four men are talented at digging clays using special locally made tools to create shapes and objects on the ground.

    Their creations have become tourists attraction
    Creations as the big mud house usually take them up to a year and cost thousands of dollars to build.

    The houses they build are however not habited by humans but abandoned dogs and puppies and are tourists destinations.

    Molly noted that unfortunately clay houses they build stay up for up to a year after which they get destroyed either by rain or natural causes.

    “I can’t belive that people are so talented like this. Some have to go to University to learn but some are just gifted. In life some will have to go to school to make it in life but others have to use their talents to make it in life.”

    “I hope these men were paid enough and get their fair share to have at least a decent home and comfortable life..or maybe get themselves some medical treatment coz I noticed the one guy with cataract.They did all the hard work anyway, might as well give them what they truly deserve. Kudos to all their hard work!”
    Maye Costa remarked:

    “No wonder the Angkor Wat along with the other temples were built like that. Cambodians are really talented!!!
    “I will forever cherish my memory in Cambodia in its amazing people.”

    Claus Andersen opined:

    “These guys descent from the people who built Angkor Wat. Their building skills have just been forgotten by the world because of wars, natural disasters and isolation from the rest of the world. Good to see that they are being rediscovered.”
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