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Isreal DMW Expresses Concern Over Nigerians’ Comparisons of Him to an Ancient Egyptian Statue, Trending Images

Nigerians have started comparing Isreal DMW, the logistics manager for singer Davido, to an old monument on social media.



Isreal DMW Expresses Concern Over Nigerians' Comparisons of Him to an Ancient Egyptian Statue, Trending Images

Isreal DMW, the logistics manager for Nigerian musician Davido, has finally spoken out as he gains Twitter traction.

A photo of a statue of an ancient Egyptian priest went viral on Nigerian Twitter on Wednesday, August 9, after several users claimed the statue and Israel bore a striking resemblance.

Some netizens also went on to claim Isreal DMW was a reincarnation of the statue.

See a post below:

Isreal DMW reacts to photo of an ancient statue

In a post via his official Instagram page, a worried Isreal asked his fans if he genuinely looked like the statue while adding that he was tired.

He wrote:

“Do we actually look alike ? I don taya.”

See his post below:

The ancient statue is said to have been excavated from the Mastaba of Ka-aper at Saqqara, Egypt, in 1870.

Fans react as Isreal DMW expresses worry

WOTHAPPEN captured some of the reactions; see them below:


“If you go Egypt now, dem go start to worship you ooo bcos u don go resemble their ancestors.”


“Try hold stick first I won check something.”


“I don Dey fear juju now I understand.”


“Omo nobody Dey sleep for this country again , see as comment section full.”


“yes you do look alike @isrealdmw but here you are a reincarnation of Hiram Abiff. The loyal advisor of the Pharao. This also confirms the narrative of the reigning black civilization that ruled the longest reigning kingdom worldwide. But if that is you as an pharaonic advisor who is the Pharao? @davido. Black Kings.”


“No be juju be that.”


“Evidence Dey.”

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