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Is There Life on Other Planets? NASA Scientist Weighs



According to a NASA scientist with decades of experience, there could be “possible signs of life” on planets other than Venus. This confirms recent theories about “aliens” that have been making the rounds.

Intelligence agencies, UFO enthusiasts, and even regular people are scrambling to find solutions to the riddles of aerial occurrences that are beyond the comprehension of the average person. People have been more open to the idea of “aliens” according to the information and theories Dr. Michelle Thaller has offered.

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Possible ‘life’ on Venus claims fuel alien theories.

According to Dr. Michelle, a scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, there have been “possible signs of life” found in Venus’ atmosphere; however, in order to confirm the discoveries with absolute certainty and solid evidence, which is currently lacking, is required.

At the exhibition Beyond the Light At Artechouse in New York, which aims to give visitors a taste of deep space exploration, she spoke with The Sun.

According to Dr. Michelle, there are several possibilities for alien life that is not currently known to humans to exist.

“We see possible signs of life in the atmosphere of Venus. Possibly underneath the ice in the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The Solar System may be teaming with simple life, microbial life,” she said.

Scientists have noticed the conditions of the atmosphere on Venus are likely to support life, although it is believed to be unfavorable to humans.

However, the acidity of the cloud created from certain chemical reactions is believed to support life forms. This has given rise to theories that aliens could exist there.

Scientist thinks outerspace harbors life

There is no absolute proof that life exists in outer space, but the NASA scientist refuses to believe humans are the only living creatures.

While addressing the audience at the exhibition, Michelle said: “I think it’s only a matter of time until we have proof that it’s in the Solar System.”

“But that’s the thing, we’re waiting until there’s nothing else it could possibly be because can you imagine the kind of trouble we’d get in? We don’t have absolute proof yet. Do I think there’s life out there? Absolutely.” she added.

Scientists have long predicted the existence of life on Venus and two years ago, researchers from different universities including Cardiff, MIT, and Cambridge, suggested that Venus could be becoming “more habitable” after evidence of “lifeforms” was found in its clouds.

It was suggested that the chemical reaction from the gases – nitrogen and hydrogen – could neutralize the concentration of the acid to support life.

The study also determined that the life found on a cloud on Venus could be similar to bacteria found on Earth, but doesn’t suggest aliens exist as many have assumed.

Beware of baseless claims

Reports about supposed UAP sightings and the UFO hearing by the United States Reps. in 2023 have only fueled rumors about extraterrestrial lives.

The Internet is full of unproven claims and morphed visuals suggesting aliens are real. Below is a compilation of such stories related to extraterrestrial lives that’ll make you question your beliefs.

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