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Is Signing a Prenup AITA? Read This Unexpected Story Today



Is Signing a Prenup AITA? Read This Unexpected Story Today

Readers were surprised by a ‘AITA’ for signing a prenup on Reddit because of its somewhat unforeseen conclusion. Look no farther if you’re in the mood to laugh!

The majority of Reddit stories are highly emotional, like the one about the cheating ex-spouse and the self-centered father who put his new wife and her family above his own child. But after we’re finished with the topic we’re discussing today, you’ll be in fits of laughter.

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Reddit user asks ‘AITA for signing a prenup’

The OP questions whether it was wrong for her to sign a prenuptial agreement before all the information was available, and other Reddit users believe the choice couldn’t have gone any better in her favor.

An engaged couple who are about to wed is the subject of the tale. The Reddit user is from a nation where holding individuals for ransom is a typical occurrence, therefore people don’t talk about their money there. Although the OP was born in Texas, her father is an American citizen, and she attended university in a Western nation to sharpen her English language skills.

It was in the same university that she met her future husband who she is currently engaged to. While the OP thinks her fiance is a wonderful human, his family is apparently a different tale.

But the woman wasn’t too bothered by her fiance’s family until they brought up the topic of prenup, which she and her partner both thought was unnecessary.

The guy’s father is a lawyer and his mother works in real estate, so the OP assumes they make enough for a decent living.

Moreover, her fiance works for a FAANG company and she would take up a job in the bank upon finishing her master’s. It was only natural that the couple thought they didn’t need a prenup because they wouldn’t get divorced, but the guy’s parents insisted on having their future daughter-in-law sign the prenup only because they came from “different” backgrounds.

Parents-in-law disappointed on learning the facts

When the fiance’s father threatened to hold back on the wedding present, which was a downpayment for the couple’s future home, they decided to sign the prenup. Even though the OP thought the money from her future father-in-law wasn’t needed, her partner felt otherwise.

The OP’s father hired a lawyer to look into the prenup once both parties reached an agreement and they went about their wedding preparations.

However, things took a different turn when the OP’s sister, who is also her maid of honor, threw an extravagant bachelorette party entirely funded by their father.

The overall spending on the party amounted to $200,000 including flight tickets, hotels, food, and activities. The money spent on one event prompted the OP’s sister-in-law to find out about more the bride’s father and the wealth their family has amassed. But her fiance’s parents were later upset with her for not disclosing details about the family wealth, which the OP argues isn’t hers as it belongs to her father and her grandmother.

The OP asks if she is TA as her parents-in-law accused her of tricking her fiance into signing the prenup without presenting all the facts.

Unexpected conclusion has users in hysterics

Reddit users can’t help but laugh at the parents-in-law for putting themselves in a situation that was uncalled for.

“They didn’t want her gold-digging but they sure wanted her money,” said one.

Another added: “They weren’t expecting her to have money cause of where she came from, jokes on them.”

“NTA, but the in-laws are. The prenup is more than fair since they initiated it,” read one comment.

Another wrote: “That’s what they got. This is hilarious.”

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