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Is It Cheating? Boyfriend Plans Halloween Couple Costume with Female Best Friend

Is It Innocent Fun or an Emotional Affair? Investigating the Debate Over a Boyfriend’s Halloween Couple Costume Plans with His Female Best Friend



Is It Cheating? Boyfriend Plans Halloween Couple Costume with Female Best Friend

In the Spirit of Halloween or a Breach of Trust? Analyzing the Backlash Against a Boyfriend’s Joint Costume Idea with His Female Best Friend:

 Might have both boyfriend and girlfriend spooked. Imagine your significant other planning a couples costume for Halloween, except you’re not the other half. Sounds a little alarming, right? Well, that’s a real-life horror story for one girlfriend, as her boyfriend has decided to pair up his costume with his female best friend. As one would expect, she’s not exactly thrilled.

“When he told me his plan, my blood ran colder than a vampire’s… and it wasn’t because of a ghost story”, she confided to her online followers.

A girl has gone viral on TikTok with a skit in which her boyfriend has planned a couples Halloween costume with his girl best friend.

The viral video has left social media users furious – and many are sadly in agreement that the guy would definitely be cheating in that scenario.

Boyfriend plans Halloween costume with girl best friend

“So I told my boyfriend today I was like ‘Who are we gonna dress up as for Halloween like we should do a couple’s costume’,” the girl says in the TikTok clip.

However, he has already planned to dress up with his girl best friend and has been “planning it for a while”.

That’s a red flag in itself. However, the story gets even worse when the girl asks him what they are going to dress up as.

“Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift,” she says in disbelief. “Be honest with me am I being cheated on?”

The NFL star and singer sparked dating rumors in July and seemed to confirm it in September when she attended one of his games.

A source recently told People that things are getting “more serious” between them and they “share a strong work ethic”.

TikTok users are branding him a ‘cheater’

The video has had more than 12 million views and everyone is in agreement that the guy is definitely cheating on her with his girl best friend.

One person commented: “Simple answer. Yes he’s cheating.”


A third person added: “Don’t tolerate that disrespect.”

“Been there. That’s how it starts girl,” someone else wrote.

Another commented: “That’s definitely a red flag.”

The whole thing is a funny skit

Thankfully, the whole thing is actually a funny skit and nobody is getting cheated on – but it’s a very realistic scenario.

The clip was shared by a TikTok user called Louise Melcher who has more than 378,000 followers and shares comedic videos.

One recent clip is about how she got broken up with at a Beyonce concert and another says her boyfriend proposed to her at her sister’s wedding.

All of her videos are fake situations that revolve around relationships and often fool TikTok users who think they are real.

You better hope your boyfriend hasn’t planned a secret Halloween costume with his girl best friend!


I told him I felt left out and he told me I should go as Joe Alwyn or Donna Kelce (Travis’ mom) 😐 #halloween #couplescostume #traviskelce #taylorswift #joealwyn♬ original sound – Louisa Melcher

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