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Is 5G the Cause Of Covid-19 Fast Spread? Read (Analysis)

Is 5G the Cause Of Covid-19 Fast Spread? Read (Analysis)

5G versus Covid-19. Is 5G really the cause of its fast spread?

At face value, I don’t believe in the 5G vs COVID 19 theory and what some people are spinning out of it at all.

It is not because I think it’s impossible for radiations trigger to some stuff biologically but because I think COVID 19 was most likely caused by something else.

Is 5G the Cause Of Covid-19 Fast Spread? Read (Analysis)

But to think people who believe it don’t have sense or are just ridiculous is not correct at all.

Radiations cannot become viruses, that’s very true and I doubt anyone with basic common sense will say that except you are just been mischievous to interprete them as that.

However, they can influence DNA molecules and cause mutations of existing viral elements. I hope you know what that means. At subatomic levels, science can be wierd and nothing can be assumed at all. For example, there is something called “the observer effect” in science.

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Is 5G the Cause Of Covid-19 Fast Spread? Read (Analysis)

In quantum mechanics, it was observed in a particular double slit experiment. Physicists found that even the simple act of observation of quantum phenomena can actually change the measured result.

Is 5G the Cause Of Covid-19 Fast Spread? Read (Analysis)

Without any attempt at observing, sub atomic particles behave in a particular way, but the moment an observer was introduced, the sub atomic particles changed their behavior patterns.

You can google this and understand what it mean. That’s how weird science can be at times.

Now let’s talk about radiations. What we’ve always been told is that radiations from cellular phones are not dangerous because they are non ionizing radio frequency radiations (RFR) but in 2018, a $30 million 10 year study conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) found clear evidence that two years of exposure to cell phone 2G & 3G Radio Frequency Radiations increased cancer in male rats and damaged DNA in rats and mice of both sexes. Take note, 2G and 3G only.

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The report was released in 2018, October I think. The Ramazzini Institute in Italy replicated the key finding of the NTP using a different carrier frequency and much weaker exposure to cell phone radiation over the life of the rats.

Is 5G the Cause Of Covid-19 Fast Spread? Read (Analysis)

So you see what they claim to be harmless harmless non ionizing 2G and 3G frequency actually have great biological effects on rats, causing cancer.

These are ventures of the capitalists and the interests involved are always powerful and rich enough to suppress evidence of danger to humans. I believe only a fair experimentation can determine the negative effect on humans.

And what we think can never be possible might be.

Read the first paragraph again though.


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