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    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    Nigerians should not because of their anger towards the Government give too much power to a conman.

    Who Imam of peace is

    Mohammad Tawhidi is a Islamophobia influencers and reformist Imam. Tawhidi has been embraced by a number of centrist islam groups and anti-islamic extremism groups.

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    The “Imam of Peace” is a very smart and cunning person.

    But before I continue, i want you to understand that I’m not saying you should not support him. Yes, you should support him because he is saying the truth with facts, for now.
    I’m asking that you please do it with an open mind.

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    I support most of what he said yesterday, I don’t like the government too, but what exactly is his motive?

    He has always been shady, and everyone knows this worldwide.

    To begin with, the “Imam of peace” is not a Muslim, as a matter of fact, he promotes Islamophobia.

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?
    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    Islamic scholars worldwide, journalists and his home country, Australia confirms this.

    I watched his live video today and he kept hammering on the fact that “Boko Haram kills Christians” which is not true.
    Boko Haram are terrorists to all Nigerians, both Muslims and Christians.

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?
    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    They’ve killed both Muslim Nigerians and Christian Nigerians.

    Take a look at his tweets

    This one says 50 soldiers killed, the bigger percentage of the soldiers Killed are Muslims but he still found a way to input “more Christians being slaughtered everyday”

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    Check all the news he shared, he has found a way to input Christians in everything, one way or the other.

    This is what an Islamic scholar, Sheikh Assim Alhakeem said about him and this is how he could reply.

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?
    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    There are several reports and news of Boko haram attacks on mosques and Muslims but he hasn’t posted any, why?

    What exactly is his plan for Nigeria?

    What is he using Nigerians anger towards the Government to fuel?

    Tell me why, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who once urged a “military war” against Muslims, called for Imam of Peace to be “elevated to celebrity status.”

    The Australia National Imam Councils consisting of more than 200 Imams from all corners of Australia, stated in a press release on the 2nd of March 2017 that this individual, Muhammad Tawhid AKA imam of peace is not a recognized Imam, Sheikh or Muslim Leader.

    The “imam of peace” is also a liar, lied about his education, claims he earned a master’s degree from al-Mustafa University, but when the school was asked about him, it stated in writing that he failed to complete his bachelor’s degree, dropping out after only one year of study.

    Imam of peace vs Buhari, who is he?

    A man that declared that Sahih al-Bukhari, a compilation of hadith, the most sacred Sunni text after the Qur’an, must be banned.

    Is he genuinely concerned about Nigeria and Nigerians or does he hate Buhari because he is a Muslim and a Sunni?

    In a report published by Herald report they said “With such an obscure background and zero accessible credentials, no thinking person should take Tawhidi seriously”

    Does imam of peace really want Peace?

    Now we can go back to supporting him, but when the time comes, when he begins his agenda, I’m begging us to please use our head.

    The intelligent ones will understand the point of this thread, but the foolish ones will come at me blindly with insults. But before you insult me, ask yourself, is there anything i said in this thread that’s not true? Can you debunk the facts i laid out?

    E go be ✌️

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