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“I’m Sorry for All the Hurt and Pain I Caused”: Alexx Ekubo’s Fiancée Fancy Announces They Are Back Together

“I’m Sorry for All the Hurt and Pain I Caused”: Alexx Ekubo’s Fiancée Fancy Announces They Are Back Together

Alexx Ekubo’s fiancee Fancy Acholonu has revealed that they are back together with a heartwarming post

The young lady took accountability for her actions as she tendered a heartfelt apology to the actor and his family

Fancy also added that she never stopped loving the actor and losing him felt like grief

Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo and his beautiful fiancée Fancy Acholonu are back together.

Over a year ago, the abroad-based Nigerian entrepreneur announced the end of their relationship and automatically their wedding which was supposed to hold in November.

In a new post on her page, Fancy tendered a heartfelt apology to man and his family members for the hurt she caused them by announcing their breakup.

Fancy added that she handled things poorly, overreacted, said and indeed did too much.

She then expressed how much Alexx and his people mean to her as well as what she went through losing him temporarily.

The beautiful woman ended her writeup with their official hashtag.

“Like our shirt says, Nothing makes sense when we’re apart @alexxekubo you still have my heart. I miss you, I love you, and I’m truly sorry for all the hurt & pain you and your family went through with our break up. My actions in how I handled things was out of my character. I should have controlled my emotions and not been so overreactive. I said too much, I did too much. Please forgive me, I’ve learned my lesson on how to handle situations better. I haven’t expressed myself properly. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and say you, your family, & friends still mean the world to me. Losing you has felt like grief. Love heals ❤️”

See the post below:

Nigerians react to the news


“All I know is that I have a wedding to plan❤️#falexxforever”


“I’m so happy for you.”


“Aww our wife love conquers all ❤️”


“I love to see accountability I hope it all works out however it’s supposed to “


“Fancyyyyyyyyyyy this is so sweet. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ why am I smiling so much.”


“Oooow guys❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you together#FalexxForever”


“What is meant to be is meant to be and what is not is not.”

Alexx Ekubo’s ex-fiancée breaks silence a year later

One year after Fancy Acholonu took to her Instagram page to announce the end of her relationship with her then-fiance, Alexx Ekubo, she opened up.

In the lengthy writeup, Acholonu revealed that her decision to go public with the news of their cancelled wedding came from an emotional state of mind.

However, making it public only seemed to complicate things.

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