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“I’m sorry am not ready”: Lady leaks chat as boyfriend cancels engagement



"I'm sorry am not ready": Lady leaks chat as boyfriend cancels engagement

A woman who goes by the TikTok handle @lil_candybackup revealed a chat she had with her boyfriend on WhatsApp before he abruptly called off their engagement.

The man said that he wasn’t acting rationally when he proposed to her in the WhatsApp conversation.

According to him, he wasn’t ready financially and emotionally to get committed to a woman in marriage.

He said that he wasn’t emotionally or financially prepared to commit to a woman in marriage.

He wrote:

“Hey mama! U will be probably be sleeping by now. I wanted to tell you but I hate to see you cry. I’m calling off the engagement, I wasn’t thinking when I proposed. I’m sorry am not ready. I don’t know how u will untell the people u already told. It’s for your own good, make u no go turn lord of the ring.”

Candy broke down in tears as she wondered if he was only playing a prank on her, but it turned out he wasn’t.

She replied:

“Was it supposed to be breakfast in bed? Guy if this is a prank u better stop it. Na me u wan disgrace? Dem neva born ur papa well. You just ranted for nothing. Okay now am calm, Pls let’s sort things out, weytin I wan tell my friends.

“Jezzz how I wan take untell the people weh I tell. Wow you blocked me already. Naso God go block you from ur destiny helper. Well it a good thing u have a sister!”

Reactions as man calls off engagement to fiancée

Netizens have reacted to the news, with many expressing sympathy for the lady and criticising the man’s actions.

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@Eleojo_clothing commented:

“Even with that jean you suppose know say him no serious.”

@Eniolaheart reacted:

“I hope u are nt toxic shaaa, cus even ur responses sound somehw to me. Just saying Respectfully ooo.”

@Janet reacted:

“Sell the ring na Abi he collect am?”

@~OLAMIDE>>>>>>> said:

“Thank God he informed you before you turn to lord of ring true true.”

@Hadeezatou commented:

“Na surprise pack he for Comot the ring?”

@Favybaby said:

“Which one be untell the people you told ah.”

@Your girlfriend said:

“Sell the ring use the money Dey on fresh.”

@Dangbana said:

“Ring Wey no even fine before be like all those ring Wey day inside surprise pack.”

@Priscillia_010 on IG reacted:

“Nawa o. I won’t even post my wedding pics until one week after the wedding. If people want to post they should post.”

@Aniekwe Happiness reacted:

“Me wey no dey sleep for night, I go see am sharp sharp. I’m really sorry, it hurts.”

@Nmesoma reacted:

“He said make you no go turn lord of the rings’ who is raising these boys?”

@meiam_temmy commented:

“Good things is coming your way.”

@Nicky commented:

“Omo I no de announce any engagement until dem pay my bride price. I don too see shege pro max for relationship.”

@Empress reacted:

“Hmmm this is really painful, so sorry. commented:

“Breathe everything is gonna be fine.”

@jeosy2 reacted:

“So sorry. But be happy he told on time. It’s hard but u will be fine.”

@Lily said:

“Omo, it’s the blocking, sorry shaa.”

@midely reacted:

“Person will b wondering what could hve b the reason its well.”

@Mama said:

“My sister please don’t cry, just travel to another state or town for now.”

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