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I’m Not Going to Do Any Acknowledgement About This on My Page”: An Audio Between Alexx Ekubo and Fancy Leaks

Finally, some sort of response from embattled Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo emerges online, as audio of his conversation with Fancy Acholonu after her apology leaks

Alexx in the leaked audio succinctly told Fancy Acholonu that wasn’t going to do an acknowledgement post about her apology

Also, in the leaked audio it was inferable that Alexx wanted Fancy to apologize to him in public to clear his name of the bad impression and disgrace she brought him in the first place

An audio recording of a conversation between Alexx Ekubo and his ex-fiancee Fancy Acholonu has leaked online, sparking reactions as more dirty bits between the ex-couple surface.

The Nollywood actor in the leaked audio could be heard, revealing that it was Fancy Acholonu who came back to him and wanted to make things right.

“A Foreign Woman Paid Him for Intimacy”: 12 Messy Things Fancy Acholonu Revealed About Alexx Ekubo
A leaked recorded audio conversation between Alexx Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu has surfaced online, creating more chaos. Photo credit:@alexxekubo/@fancyacholonu
Source: Instagram

Alexx also noted in the leaked audio that he wasn’t willing to make an acknowledgement post to Fancy’s apology on his page, instead, he would just react to it on his ex’s page.

Ekubo however, acknowledged in the leaked audio that he knew about Fancy’s intention to apologise to him, but he noted he wanted it to be done in public the same way she disgraced him in public.

Listen to the leaked audio conversation between Alexx Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu below:

See how Nigerians reacted to leaked audio between Alexx Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu


“When a man starts talking this way, kindly free him!!!! A man that still has feelings for you will never talk to you in this condescending manner. It’s obvious the guy has moved on, I advise she does the same through whichever way gives her peace.”


“So he actually knew about the post and even edited it? She the way he is talking to her sef, Kai the lady really saw shege no be lie.”

“He clearly didn’t want anything to do with her after the break-up. He didn’t edit the apology. She wanted him to write a post on his page and he said NO! He will only acknowledge the apology. Man saw shege in that relationship. Listen!


“Hmmm the call long ohhh which person credit them de use do all this one wahala!”


“If am having a phone conversation with you and you start recording then you have a motive and will pretend to be an Angel throughout our conversation. That’s what Alex did to this girl. He didn’t even allow her express herself. We’re tired Abeg.”


“You publicly end your marriage with a public figure, you insinuate he is gay and set him up for endless drags…then you want to go back and expect him to take you with open arms. People are bashing him for saying he is calculative, obviously she ISN’T. Or else she will know that what she was trying to do makes no sense. Once you get to the point of publicly ending an engagement, my sister NEVER look back. Even if he was Lord and Saviour. People should be more calculative before they put out anything on the Internet….even when you want to “tell your truth”. Make sure that’s your final truth o. E get why… Someone that was quiet when you set him up for drags, you want him to make a post on his page defending you.”

Fancy confuses many as she debunks sexual allegations against actor

Socialite and estranged ex-fiancee of Nigerian actor Fancy Acholonu have finally come out boldly to state that she never called Alexx Ekubo gay.

Fancy made this statement during her recent tell-it-all interview with gossip blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus. Where she noted that not once in her life has she ever publicly called or declared Alexx Ekubo gay.

She also went on to clarify her statement, ‘live your truth’ which sparked the rumours amongst Nigerians that Alexx was gay.

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