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“I’m leaving”: Little girl carries her bags to leave mum’s house, video trends

A video making the rounds on social media has captured the hilarious moment a little girl carried her bags to leave the house

In a hilarious video, the little girl told her mother she was leaving and her mum opened the door for her to leave

However, she immediately returned and asked her mother to hand over the house keys to her

A mother has shared a hilarious video of her little daughter who attempted to leave the house.

In a hilarious clip, the funny little girl informed her mother that she was leaving the house to an undisclosed location.

I'm leaving": Little girl carries her bags to leave mum's house, video trends
Little girl attempts to leave mums house Photo Credit boooboookittyTikTok<br>Source UGC

Her mother accepted and opened the door for her. As soon as the little girl left, she closed the door behind her. Only for her daughter to return immediately with a surprised look, asking for the keys to the apartment.

Her comment kept netizens in stitches.

Social media reactions

@victorianelson68 said:

“She has two purses. She’s going to be gone for a while.”

@blessed69q stated:

“She said that she can’t leave without the keys.”

@fxckbxtchesasget reacted:

“Me when I tell my mom I’m leaving and never coming back.”

@ceciliablue said:

“She ain’t going nowhere! The minute you tell them to leave is the same minute they’re knocking to come back.”

@jacquelinehazel12 reacted:

“Babygirl plenty of sense! and got both her purses Soo precious and sweet!! Aweeeee!”

@tiffanyriley279 commented:

“Just did this to my son only difference is when he couldn’t get back in one way he tried to go through the bathroom way.”

@smknmariahjuana added:

“She ain’t leaving without them keys.”

Watch the video below:

Little girl packs her bags to leave home

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that kids are known to put up attitudes and characters that are adult-like, astonishing their parents while at it. A video of a Nigerian kid venturing out of her parent’s house in reaction to being spanked by her mum has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

In the short video shared by @pulsenigeria247 on Instagram, the kid looked visibly annoyed and struggled to gather her lunch box as well as another bag in readiness for her exit. Her mum could be seen hilariously appealing to the kid to change her mind, a plea that seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

Like an adult, the kid stormed out of the house with her bags, stealing glances back at her mum. @i_am_mercyuchechukwu wrote: “This is not funny at all. “You all should stop letting children have their way in some certain things.”

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