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“I’m Gone”: Nigerian-Born Music Boss Murdered in the UK Over ‘Fake’ £300K Wristwatch Last Words

Nigerian-born UK-based music manager Emmanuel Odunlami’s last words to his friend after getting stabbed in London leave many emotional

The 32-year-old was murdered by three men who sought to steal his wristwatch, suspected to be worth over £300k

Odunlami was out celebrating his birthday with some friends at Haz Restaurant West London when he was mugged by some white men tipped off by a security man

The death of a young Nigerian music entrepreneur based in the UK, Emmanuel Odunlami, has shocked many due to the gruesomeness of his murder.

According to reports, three muggers attacked and stabbed Odunlami multiple times, leaving him with several stab wounds to the heart and stomach.

Im Gone Nigerian Born Music Boss Murdered in the UK Over Fake £300K Wristwatch Last Words
The story about the gruesome murder of a Nigerian born UK based music boss stirs emotions online Photo credit dailymailcouksplashnews<br>Source Instagram

It is alleged that the attack was orchestrated by Kavindu Hettarachchi, a security guard employed at the birthday bash thrown to celebrate Odunlami’s 32nd birthday.

According to the case prosecutor, Hettarachchi noticed the wristwatch Odunlami was wearing, a Patek Philippe Nautilus, believed to cost up to £300k.

Kavindu Hettarachchi is said to have tipped off his accomplices, Quincy French, 27, Jordell Menzies, 26, and Louis Vandross, 27.

The attack on Odunlami was perpetuated when he stopped to urinate by a tree while his friend David Manuel waited for him in their car.

After getting stabbed, his last words to his friend, Manuel, were, “I’m gone.”

The case prosecutor Duncan Atkinson noted that after his client was pushed to the ground, assaulted and stabbed multiple times, the muggers frisked his body and carted away his ‘fake’ Patek Philippe wristwatch, believed to be worth up to £300k.

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