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If I die today, you killed me: Shocking leaked voice note reveals Mohbad’s desperate pleas and warnings to his wife



Shocking Video of Mohbad’s Young Wife Sparks Outrage: Refuses to Greet Iyabo Ojo

As the mystery deepens around the tragic demise of rising Afro-street sensation Mohbad, a controversial voice note between him and his wife has surfaced on the internet. 

In the contentious recording, a rattled Mohbad is overheard imploring his wife, Wunmi. With a voice laden with desperation, he begs her not to inflict lethal damage with her actions, revealing the detrimental effects they were having on his already fragile state. 

The audio additionally captures the grim note of apprehension in the singer’s voice. There is a chilling moment where he discloses being under threats from his in-laws, who, according to Mohbad, were indifferent to his precarious health condition.

It’s a tale of sorrow and intrigue resonated around the web, a narrative that’s woven its path through the digital sphere, as the world further discovers the details behind the demise of an acclaimed Nigerian vocalist. 

What’s resounding across cyberspace with fervor is a clandestine exchange between the Afro-street pop artist and his wife, which since being leaked, has skyrocketed into a viral phenomenon. This has led to speculations and a mounting whirlpool of questions surrounding Wunmi’s alleged role in his untimely passing. 

Caught in the throes of this hauntingly leaked exchange, Mohbad could be heard pleading with his wife, begging her not to be the cause of his doom. His heartfelt pleas indicated that her actions were pushing him to the precipice. 

As if mirroring a chilling premonition through the leaked conversation, he underscored that, in the eventuality of his death, she wouldn’t escape retribution, even if it didn’t directly spring from him.

Why did you call my mum to make her sad – Mohbad queries wife

 new insights regarding the tragic demise of youthful Afro-street pop artist, Mohbad, a leaked voice conversation between him and his wife has surfaced on the internet.

In the disclosed recording, a distressed Mohbad is audibly heard beseeching his wife, Wunmi, to cease actions that were detrimentally impacting his health and threatened his life. 

The leaked audio also revealed harrowing revelations about the apparent death threats Mohbad received from his wife’s family, insinuating their awareness of his deteriorating health conditions. 

The untimely demise of this renowned Nigerian singer continues to evoke poignant sentiments and diverse reactions in the online sphere as more disturbing details about his death unfold. 

Contained within the viral audio conversation between the deceased singer and his wife, the dialogue has inevitably prompted questions about Wunmi’s potential role in Mohbad’s death. 

Mohbad also questioned the incessant interventions by his wife towards his mother that consistently spiraled her into sadness. 

In addition, the voice note unveils the unsettling fact that Wunmi’s family was privy to her actions towards him, but consciously chose not to intervene.

Listen to the leaked audio below:

See some of the reactions the leaked audio stirred

The emergence of the voice note has sparked a broad spectrum of responses from Mohbad’s fan base. On one end, some fans are fervently calling for the immediate legal action against his wife, expressing skepticism about her participation in the issue. On the other hand, another faction believes that the revealed dialogue simply


“So dey should not have misunderstanding again. Come and read my chat with my man, we have killed ourselves inside that chat like 100 times and wished we Never met each other like 2M times.”


“They just trying to pin his demise on the innocent lady .. why dem rush go bury am without autopsy ? Why did his family bury him in such short notice ? If he was Muslim I will understand but his father is a pastor…”

“When money is no longer the problem may our health not fail us.”


“Couples fight. They make up and break up. Ase ni screenshot yi.”


“At this point , be like everybody around this boy Dey crase.”


“Y’all should stop this narratives. Couple fight and sometimes say all kinds of things to each act other..”


“Dudes been trending more than when he was alive.”


“Abeg let the wife be… she has her baby to care for.. to me this is a normal fight and argument btw partner…”


“The point here that he has accused many people of killing him, now he’s dead and it is hard to pinpoint one person responsible, family calling his wife, friends calling record label.


“This mohbad story is beginning to look like someone who ended it all himself to end all this pains.”


“They want to frame his wife so badly,I pray she gets out of all this with a sane mind.”

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