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“If Arms-Bearing Is Legalized In Nigeria, Killings Will End” — House of Representatives Member

Hon Yusuf Gagdi, a member of the Federal House of Representatives, believes that allowing Nigerians to own guns and defend themselves is the greatest approach to eliminate insecurity in the country.

"If Arms-Bearing Is Legalized In Nigeria, Killings Will End" — House of Representatives Member

Following the horrible shooting by bandits in Plateau State’s Kanam and Wase Local Government Areas, a lawmaker from Plateau State (APC) has advocated for the enactment of laws that will allow this privilege.

On Friday, Gagdi told reporters that legalizing guns would help to alleviate the recent surge of attacks and killings around the country.

As he puts it:

“If we want to reduce the number of community attacks, we should pass laws allowing residents to carry firearms.”

“For example, if the attackers know that the locals have weaponry, they will not come, and even if they do, the casualties will not be as great.”

“However, there must be rules governing the use of armaments; anyone who abuses them should be imprisoned or possibly sentenced to death by hanging.”

“If arms are legalized in Nigeria, killings will cease.” – A member of the House of Representatives

“However, I assure you that allowing citizens to carry arms to defend themselves will put an end to all of these attacks and fatalities.”

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