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“I Was Rushing to Get Home”: Nigerian Lady Bumps into Mum and Dad in Lagos Traffic, Video Trends

A hilarious video of a young Nigerian woman meeting her parents in Lagos traffic has gone viral on TikTok

The young woman was in a taxi rushing to reach home so her parents wouldn’t discover that she was out late

However, she bumped into them in Lagos traffic, and after exchanging pleasantries, she asked if she could join them

A Nigerian lady has shared a funny video showing the moment she bumped into her parents in Lagos traffic.

The young woman was rushing to get home as she was supposed to have arrived earlier.

I Was Rushing to Get Home Nigerian Lady Bumps into Mum and Dad in Lagos Traffic Video Trends
Lady bumps into her parents in Lagos traffic Photo Credit yourdramaqueen<br>Source TikTok

She got a taxi from an online app called Taxify to take her straight home.

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Unfortunately, they were caught up in the Lagos traffic when she discovered that her parents were in the next lane beside her as they were also stuck in traffic while on their way home.

She decided to make a video of the whole encounter while laughing.

She mentioned how her parents caught her in the traffic when she ought to be home earlier.

The funny lady then asked her parents if they had space in the car to accommodate her so that she could cancel her ride with the taxi company and join them; so they could all spend time in traffic together and bond before going home.

Her parents refused, and her mother added that she could join them if she could manage to hang on the door.

Social media reactions

@crypto_arena101 said:

“Why u come dey tell us ?”

@kelzmnny commented:

“See as the family sweet.”

@heis_wizdom said:

“Family reunion.”

@elixirsempire360 said:

“Format!!! I wanted to spend time with you people.”

@clara76476 wrote:

“It’s actually very cute to watch.”

@kehinde0915 wrote:

“I can feel your excitement.”

@tizzlamba commented:

“Nor be new thing.”

.meekun wrote:

“I’m proud of you I’d have hid my head.”

@coolguydera wrote:

“So na you de block road.”

@birohen commented:

“You are lovely in this vid baby gal.”

@davidpeace02 wrote:

“Pretty you.”

@the_only_theo wrote:


@wekeepitprivatee said:

“Nah to wipe u and ur papa cord for neck oo. why the noise on the road?”

@bobdemanuel wrote:

“Go and join him in the car now.”

@iam_colex commented:

“There is nothing cute about it. As an uber or bolt driver, u can’t drag me into traffic and then ask me to end the trip. Omo e no go work.”

@tosnice commented:

“If dem collect your phone for traffic now, you go dey cry… we keep monitoring.”

@southofeden2 wrote:

“Imagine if you were supposed to be in school.”

Watch the video below:


I met my dad and mum in traffic 😂😂. I was desperately trying to get home before they notice I didn’t come back early #family

♬ original sound – Drama Queen

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