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I was hated when I joined Manchester United, says Ibrahimovic

I was hated when I joined Manchester United, says Ibrahimovic

AC Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has said he was hated when he first made a move to Manchester United from Paris St-Germain.

The Swede said he was, however, able to prove his critics wrong in the first three months which was followed by admirations.

This is as he praised Manchester United as the best club in England.

“I had fun,” Ibrahimovic told ESPN when quizzed on his Manchester United career. “I really enjoyed it because when I came, everybody was against it. And then in England, they didn’t like me.Semi Ajayi reveals why he snubbed Ajax move

“All these haters, after three months, they started to like me, I didn’t like them anymore.

“I like people when they hate you because then they bring out the better of you. I had fun. [It] is a great competition, [an] amazing atmosphere.

“And I’m happy I played for United, which I think is the best team in England. And I think it was the right choice to go to Manchester United.

“I think I came in at a good moment. Because it’s easy to come to a club when the success is already there, it’s more difficult when you come and the challenge is different.

“And then, if you manage to have success, you’re part of the story. So the fans were great to me. And I really enjoyed [it]. A lot of things happened.”

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