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I urgently need a sugar daddy or a benefit boy, I am tired of paying bills – Peju Johnson cries out

I urgently need a sugar daddy or a benefit boy I am tired of paying bills Peju Johnson cries out

Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson has cried out for the need of a Sugar daddy or a benefit boy.

For the movie star, she is tired of paying bills and would rather prefer a helper to come take her away.

Making her request known to the world, Peju Johnson wrote, “I am tired of paying bills alone. Now I need a sugar daddy or benefit boy that can take care of me. Come take me away. Just slide into my DM. I don’t want to do independent woman alone. Signed Peju Johnson.”

Most of her colleagues via the comment section of the post stated that they can also relate to the expensive adulthood life.

Recall that Peju Johnson has weighed in on the cheating scandals presently rocking the Nigerian entertainment industry with Yul Edochie taking a second wife being the latest.

The movie star in a recent interview revealed that due to the scary stories of unfaithful men and their shenanigans flooding the internet, she is now scared of marriage.

Hear her: “I can forgive a cheating partner, but can’t allow them back into my life. I’ll forgive but I’ll not forget. Even if I allow him back into my life, we won’t enjoy the relationship anymore because the trust is gone and relationship without trust is useless.Marriage and relationships issues are becoming so rampant these days. Most people cheat in relationship and it’s really becoming scary. I know of a friend that just got married and in less than two weeks the husband is already cheating . Cheating partners would always be cheating partners, they hardly change. This is making me think love doesn’t exist. I am also scared of settling down. In fact, I have been rejecting suitors. I can reject a man if he doesn’t have respect for me or for other people. I don’t like men that are disrespectful.”

Asked if she supports her colleagues who bring their private affairs to social media space seeking the advice of fans, Ms Johnson noted that she is not of that school of thoughts, rather she prefers to keep her life and personal matters private.

She said, “As you can see, I’m a very private person, people only know my Instagram page but not the real me. I’m not the type that brings personal matters to social media because it’s really not a good thing. People only see and know what you allow them to. Privacy is the best for everyone, especially celebrities.”

I urgently need a sugar daddy or a benefit boy I am tired of paying bills Peju Johnson cries out
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