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    “I understand the dynamics of leadership” Funke Akindele brags as she pledges to make changes

    “I understand the dynamics of leadership” Funke Akindele brags as she pledges to make changes

    Nollywood box office queen cum politician Funke Akindele has pledged to make changes as she shares a throwback of her unveiling as the Lagos State Deputy Governorship candidate of the People’ss Democratic Party, PDP.

    Wothappen recalls that Funke Akindele pulled a massive crowd when she stormed her fatherland, Ikorodu, Lagos state, for her official unveiling in July.

    Funke Akindele, on her verified Instagram page, captured the massive crowd of Lagosians who stormed Ikorodu to watch her being unveiled officially by the party.

    The delighted crowd stormed Ikorodu, Lagos state, to drum their support for Funke Akindele and Olajide Jandor ahead of the 2023 general elections.

    Moving on, Funke Akindele delighted herself with a throwback of when she was unveiled, pledging to do more and bring evident changes to the state.

    The ‘Omo Ghetto the Saga’ actress claimed she was an advocate for good governance with evidence from her movie content which includes Jenifa’s Diary and Aiyetoro Town.

    Funke Akindele further disclosed that she understands leadership dynamics, which has aligned with her principal desire to make positive change and bring a breath of fresh air.

    She wrote: “It’s #throwbackthI’mday I’m I want to take you all back to 12th July 2022, when I was unveiled as the running mate for Dr Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran (Jandor).

    “I am extremely honoured with my principal’s decision of choosing me to join him in achieving his vision towards making Lagos live up to its true potentials as a mega-city.

    “I have always been an advocate for good governance, which is evident in the content I churn out, and I am highly sensitive to the plight of people. More so, being an employer of labour and engaging in the management of people for over a decade, I understand the dynamics of leadership by service. Fortunately, this aligns with my principal’s burning desire to make a positive change and bring a breath of fresh air to Lagosians.

    “I pledge my total support to this course in every step of our journey. I’m ready to work, so let us make an actual change and bring hope of a better Lagos to the residents of Lagos; the women, the children, people doing business in Lagos, those paying tax in Lagos, the grassroots, the elites and all Lagosians at large.

    We all have to join hands together to achieve this.”

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