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“I Thought You Will Give Birth to Twins”: Pregnant Woman With Big Bump Welcomes Baby, Video Goes Viral

A woman who was very pregnant and had a large baby belly gave birth to a child and published a video on TikTok.

Mildred, the mother, celebrated and exhibited the infant, who was just a few hours old, in a brief video that she shared online.



"I Thought You Will Give Birth to Twins": Pregnant Woman With Big Bump Welcomes Baby, Video Goes Viral

Despite having a significant pregnancy bump, a lady only gave birth to one child.

After giving birth, the mother, Mildred, posted a video to show off her newborn, surprising her followers by having just one child.

Many of Mildred’s followers had expected her to give birth to twins, given the large size of her pregnancy bump.

Lady shows off her baby after giving birth

The mother revealed in the video that she gave birth to a baby boy, and she showed people the child.

Mildred’s TikTok account is replete with many videos of her showing off her protruding baby bump.

People who follow her on TikTok often marvel at the size of the baby bump and have all along expected to hear that she welcomed twins. But clearly, Mildred was pregnant with only one child, as seen in the new video.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as woman with big baby bump gives birth to one child

@Dydy Diamond Lova said:

“Only one? That baby had a luxurious villa inside your tummy! Congratulations mama!”

@Iam.Itunu commented:

“He’s supposed to start school immediately o.”

Debby asked:

“OMG. Just one? Congrats momma!”

@MIRACLE reacted:

“Congratulations! All thanks to God almighty.”

@phaswanaphaswanas said:

“God bless you and the baby.”

@Princess Pamilerin said:

“Congratulations! I tap from this blessing.”

@Barbara Sanders said:

“Awwww! What a gorgeous baby!”

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