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“I Regret Doing This”: Woman Registers Properties in Brother’s Name, Cries Out as His Wife Files for Divorce

A married woman has cried out on social media over fears of losing all her properties and investment to her brother’s wife

The woman recounted how she had registered all her secret properties in her brother’s name in case her husband divorces her

Sadly, the tables turned against her and her brother’s wife filed for a divorce, demanding a share of his properties

A woman has pleaded for help and advice as she’s currently on the verge of losing all her properties.

According to her, she had secretly acquired properties which she registered in her brother’s name out of fear that her husband might divorce her at any time and take over them.

Woman in tears after registering properties in brother’s name. Photo credit: @FG Trade, Pius Utomi, Samuel Aranda
Source: Getty Images

Sadly, her brother’s wife heard about this and quickly filed for a divorce, demanding that the properties are shared and her portion given to her.

The sad story which was reposted by mediagist on Instagram read:

“I am a married woman and mother of 3 kids. My husband is financially well off. I am working at my professional job and he left me with full authority and freedom to manage my finances as I wish.

“I have saved and my God’s grace I have secretly accumulated a number of properties including rentals, various plots of lands, etc.

“To be honest I registered most of my properties in my brother’s name with fear that in case my husband divorces me, I have all my property and I move on.

“Unfortunately, my brother’s wife of two 2 kids has recently filed for divorce and wants more than half of his property and fortune. To make matters worse she is aware of all properties registered in my brother’s name including my investment.

“And she’s very serious with the divorce and property sharing. I really regret why I did this. How can I save my investments? Advise me.”

See the post below:

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Meanwhile, Wothappen previously reported that a lady named Abbey is trending on TikTok after she resigned her job and moved from US to Ghana. Abbey also sold her car and cleared her house before making the big move.

According to Abbey, she relocated because her heart is in Ghana and she could no longer stay away. Also, a few videos on her TikTok handle indicates that she recently married a handsome Ghanaian man.

She travelled back to the US after then. She therefore relocated so as to be with the love of her life in her new home, which to her is all that matters right now.

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