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“I Hope She Comes Back”: Madam and Her Little Son Burst into Tears at Bus Park as Househelp Travels Home

Emotions were high at a bus park when a woman saw off her maid to the park as she prepared to return to the village

In a heartwarming video, the Nigerian woman and her cute little son shed tears as they parted ways with the lady

Mixed reactions have trailed the emotional video as people gushed over the good relationship between employer and employee

A Nigerian woman and her little son shed tears at a bus park over their househelp who was to travel to the village.

The touching moment was shared by the woman on TikTok who stated that she misses the housemaid so much.

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The woman and her son both shed tears. Photo Credit: TikTok/@alma_of_lagos
Source: UGC

“My househelp left for her village today. My kids miss her so much. I hope she comes back,” she wrote in the clip.

The clip started with the lifting up of one of her kids from the bed. The next scene showed them at a bus park as the family said their goodbyes to her.

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The maid carried the lad one more time before handing him back to his mum.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions


“I love ❤️people that treat people child this way GOD bless you.”


“Beautiful family may God grant her safe trip and bring her back home safe.”

Divine said:

“Why I come dey cry I miss my sisters kids.”

omotolani said:

“If you treated her well she will surely come back.”

@_ennybrash said:

“Awwwnnn how cute,the love is massive just like the Korean film “young lady and gentlemen.”

Househelp rides madam like a horse after getting her own visa

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a maid had jumped on her madam excitedly after getting a visa.

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In a lovely clip shared by the madam on TikTok, it was captioned that the housemaid had just learnt that she got her own visa.

Excitedly, the housemaid danced from a part of the apartment to the kitchen where her madam was. She immediately ‘disarmed’ her boss of the glass of water she held and made her go on all fours.

The housemaid then did as if she was riding on her boss’ back like a horse as she celebrated with a packer in hand.

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