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I felt embarrassed when my mum called to wish me Happy Children’s Day’ – Inem Peter

I felt embarrassed when my mum called to wish me Happy Children’s Day’ – Inem Peter

Nollywood actress and producer, Inem Peter has revealed how she felt when her mother wished her a Happy Children’s Day. 

The Filmmaker who is currently studying abroad hinted that she felt somehow embarrassed when her mother called today to say ‘Happy Children’s Day’.

“So my mom called this morning to wish me Happy children’s day and for no reason I was embarrassed😂 Happy Children’s day to all the beautiful children in the world,” she wrote.

Recall that in an earlier interview, Inem Peters gave reasons she would want to in a short while settle down with a foreigner (Oyibo) man as her husband.

She said, “I’m not scared of marriage. Not at all, very soon I will settle down. That would be when the man for me comes, I will know and then it will let you know too. For now I am still very much single. 

It will be a greater joy for me to marry a white guy (Oyibo) because I have always wanted mixed race kids. It is my 101% desire to marry a foreign Oyibo man. The next achievements I want to focus on now is my Masters and Marriage. In fact, I’m already counting down seriously.”

Aside being a foreigner, Inem Peter also revealed what she expects of her husband-to-be.

For My Eyes Only producer, says, ” I like tall and humble guys.  He has to be a giver too.  Then sex is very important. He must be impressive in bed. 

Stingy, deceitful and selfish guys turn me off, likewise bad sex. I can’t stand bad sex. On the contrary, a good sense of humor is a turn on for me not sarcasm though. Also be truthful to me no matter how hard it is.”

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