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“I Earn N11,600 per Hour and N1.6 Million Per Month”: Lady Who Works as a Nurse in Canada Reveals Her Salary

A lady who is a nurse in Canada has opened up about how much she earns hourly, monthly and yearly

TikTok user, @aloine86 posted a video telling people how she works 36 hours a week to earn a living as a nurse

She explained to her followers that she earns N11,600 per hour, N1.6 million per month and N18.8 million per year

A lady has opened up to her followers, revealing how much she earns as a registered nurse in Canada.

In a video posted on her TikTok handle, @aloine86, she explained that she has one year of experience.

The lady who works as a nurse in Canada says she earns N1.6 million per month. Photo credit: TikTok/@aloine86.
Source: TikTok

She said she works part-time, which is 36 hours a week, to be able to earn a living.

Lady who earns N1.6 million per month opens up

Her salary per hour stands at $34.24, which is about N11,600 at today’s exchange rate. She said she is paid in Canadian Dollars.

Also, her monthly salary stands at $4,930, which is approximately M1.6 million when converted to Naira.

In a year, the lady says she earns $55,200, which will amount to a little over N18.8 million annually.

The lady says she currently lives in Toronto, Canada. Many reactions have followed the video. Other nurses also shared what they earn in the same country.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@Juliet said:

“Travel nursing in Alberta girl, $90/h.”

@Folakemi commented:

“Please she said yoloooo. The way I’m laughing like I’m not a nursing student.”

@Motemi reacted:

“I’m a caregiver in BC, you and I make almost the same amount, travel Nursing earns more.”

@Sydney said:

“Why did you choose to work part-time instead of full-time? Is it more flexible?”

@The Evangelistic Temple Hub said:

“Great! I want to come over to Canada. I live in France pls tell me how.”

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