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“I didn’t know when Yul picked a 2nd wife: Pete Edochie open up on his son marital saga



Many people consider Pete Edochie to be one of Nollywood’s greatest and living icons in every way.

His legacy has been tarnished, nevertheless, because of a recent event in the Edochie family. The veteran has now addressed the controversy involving his last son Yul and his first wife, May Edochie, in public.

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Pete Edochie finally shares his thoughts about the marital saga between his last son, Yul and his first wife, May. Photo credit: @yuledochie/@peteedochie/@mayyuledochie
Source: Instagram

During an interview with Chude, Pete Edochie described May as a brilliant young woman, a computer whiz and arguably his favourite daughter-in-law of the five in his family.

He shared that Yul is 41 and can’t be called a kid. He said his son is old enough to make decisions about his life, and he tries as much as possible not to interfere in the marriages of his children.

During the interview, the veteran actor revealed that he found out about Yul’s second marriage, like every other person online. He noted that it was the same way he found out he was contesting for the position of governor online.

Pete Edochie shares what he knows about Judy Austin

Pete Edochie also touched on his relationship with Yul’s second wife using an Igbo parable about a man bringing an ant-infested wood home from the farm as nothing but an invite for lizards to come home to roost.

He noted that he would forever be endeared to May because he sees her as his daughter, not just as a daughter-in-law.

Watch the full interview below of Pete Edochie speaking about Yul’s marriage:

See the reactions the video stirred online


“See how he spoke about May….. the success of That home was to May’s credit. See how this father-in-law spoke so beautifully about his Daughter in law.”


“It Takes A Lot For A Father In Law To Be This Honest. He Knows That His Son F Up.”


“I worked for may and yul at their first store at sangote when she was selling wine and clothes. I lived with them at crown estate ajah, for a fact ,that woman is intelligent . She does hee kids home work her self,the day she drew Nigerian court of arm for her son, I respected her . Mama knows computer like her palm.”


“He said Mary is being wrongly advised and absolved his son of any blame. “My son could have” no “My son is responsible” no. Blame everyone but the son. Gotta love African parents.”


“People want him to abuse Yul publicly ,No . Yul remains his son, right now he is prodigal and that is what prayer will solve, he is a man and men don’t talk anyhow, you people should read between the lines, the praise he gave May though guarded is powerful, the success of the marriage , he attributed to her.”


“He probably wants May to hang in there and fight for her home instead of leaving her home for Judy.”


“The success of that home is credited to May, I pray the love and sacrifices you make never be returned back to you with a slap!”


“Yul has show that no matter how well a child is trained ,he can decide to be a nuisance after leaving the parents house..yul will definitely regret his actions but then it too late already, his internet shenanigans is so hard to ignore.”

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