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“I Can’t Leave Him There”: Nigerian Lady Picks up Homeless Retired Officer in Cute Video, Gets a House for Him

I Cant Leave Him There Nigerian Lady Picks up Homeless Retired Officer in Cute Video Gets a House for Him

A young Nigerian changed the sad story of a homeless retired officer who has been sleeping anywhere he could find, including roadsides

She picked him off a road and took him to an apartment she rented for him with some necessary household items

The excited man kept appreciating the lady, noting that it has been a long time since he slept on a mattress.

A young Nigerian lady identified as Julia Nnena put a smile on the face of a homeless retired officer by renting him a nice apartment.

The lady was touched after spotting him by the roadside with his belongings and couldn’t get him off her mind.

In a lovely video she shared on Facebook, Julia came for him again and got him off the road to the house she rented for him.

Julia fixed him up

Julia said that she couldn’t come to terms with leaving him by the roadside. Though not fully furnished, the new abode had a mattress and some household items he could manage with.

The man was glad and appreciated the kind lady for helping him. He said that it had been a long time since he slept on a mattress. Julia revealed that the man has been trying to get his pension, but didn’t say what force he worked in.

“I decided to rent a place for him first because getting his pension will take a long process. They told me when I went to Berekete family that he needs affidavit. I quickly rented a place so that he can get himself and strength to go for his pension,” she wrote in the comment section.

Daniel Shehu said: “Life lesson life lesson for Nigerians mostly all servicemen remember you serve Nigeria does not mean you serve God better be aware of this before is too late.”

Ebenovbe Edohamen said: “Almighty God will bless you and increase you in all side, and he will give you all your heart desires he will give you a good home good husband and good children, the love you are showings to this old man homeless retired man, almighty God will pay you back in a million fold in Jesus mighty name Amen.”

Barnes Muta said: “You have done so well, I pray to God that , you will have a place in paradise just like the way you have given the Oldman a place to stay. There is no wish that I can wish you on earth and be happy that is the reason why I pray for paradise for you because we shall pass away some day. My name is Barnes commenting from Ghana , I love you.”


This man is a retired officer, homeless. They haven’t paid him his pension. I met him sitting down under the bridge and decided to prank him. I later gave him some money after the prank #prank #prankvideos #pranks #prankster @Tunde Ednut @yabaleftonline

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