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“I am still a virgin”: 80-Year-Old Woman Says She is Still Pure, Hasn’t Slept with Any Man

Annostacia Mukarukaka asserted that despite having been married at some time in her life, she is still pure.
From childhood loss through abusive relationships and seclusion, Mukarukaka’s turbulent journey revealed a life formed by misfortune and survival instincts.



The elderly woman’s alone existence, marked by unpredictability, health problems, and creative solace, underlined her capacity to overcome obstacles in life and her search for sustenance.

Annostacia Mukarukaka, an elderly woman, made the astonishing claim that she is still pure at the age of 80 despite having once been wed to a man for an undefined amount of time.

Mukarukaka loses both parents

“I married a man, but he used to sleep with other women. I didn’t know anything about the act of love until my friends started talking about it when I asked him why we didn’t sleep together, but he ignored me and left,” she said on Afrimax English.

Mukarukaka’s childhood was not happy either, as her dear mum died when she was only four years old, leaving her in the care of her grandmother.

Short stint in the DRC

Her grandmother also passed on after a short time, and the little girl was left in the care of an allegedly wicked step mum. When the arrangement failed to work, she left for the Democratic Republic of Congo to make a living.

“My family started telling everyone that I had died and when I heard about it I travelled to my home, but when I arrived there, they thought I was a ghost owing to what had been said about me,” she said.

“I was given medicine to not disturb them even if I was a ghost. I started living with my step-mum again, but she still mistreated me,” Mukarukaka explained.

Her dad’s death further compounded the situation for her, and that is how she ended up getting married to the wrong man. She had no children, friends, or family, so she learnt to live like that.

Why does Mukarukaka have swollen eyes?

“He kept sleeping with other women and taking property,” she said.

“I try to make things to earn some money to get food, but as you have seen, it is not easy at all. Sometimes it is hard getting out of bed,” she explained.

When Mukarukaka feels lonely, she stares at photos of random people cut out from magazines as if they are the ones who ‘live’ with her.

The octagenarian sleeps on a very unstable bed, and the dishes she uses to cook are the same ones she uses to eat. She lives in an old house and is worried that it might fall any time

Mukarukaka also suffers from essential head tremors, and she said she strongly suspects that they cause her swollen eyes every morning.

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