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How to Know When a Girl Loves You, or She is Just Using You



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Though there is no 100% actual way to tell if a person loves since it is very easy to hide it, watch out for these signs to know if the girl is using you:

  1. You are always the one to initiate the conversation: You will always be the one to text her first. It may not be a big deal but if it is always you starting the conversation for more than 5 times in a row, know she is not interested in you or talking to you.
  2. She will only text you when she needs something: Either for homework or other things she can’t do or is too lazy to do, her list of demands will be endless. And if you think, by doing her work, you will increase your chances of getting close to her, you’re mistaken, it will only light your way into the friendzone. So don’t be her butler if you ever plan on being her boyfriend.
How to Know When a Girl Loves You, or She is Just Using You
  1. She will respond with curt replies: The only responses you will get to your long sweet messages are “Haha”, ‘Lol”, “Nice”, “Cute etc.
  2. She will never make a move: She won’t be interested on setting up a date or even hang out with your normally. She will usually dodge it with some excuse.
  3. She won’t empathise with you: She won’t care if your pet died or any other tragedy happened in your life. She will either sympathise with you, obviously as a formality or she will treat it as if it is not a big deal. She won’t even ask twice about how your health is when you fall ill.
  4. She will only text you when she is sad: She won’t consider sharing her happy moments with. You will be her dumpster wherein she dumps all her frustration she accumulated over the entire day.
  5. She can go on for days without contacting you: It will not bother her that has seen or called you for days. Even texts for this matter.
  6. You will know little about her friends and good memories: She won’t let you in her private life by sharing things that actually matter to her. She won’t tell you about what she did for her mother’s birthday in detail or what she’s having for dinner. In other words, no detailed and deep conversations. Just some shallow exchange of words, like her attitude towards you.
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