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How These Digital Voice Assistants Are Helping the Disabled Become Independent In Their Personal Spaces



Ever since, Siri was launched for the iPhone, other tech companies have also jumped on the bandwagon and unveiled their version of the virtual assistant. Be it Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Samsung’s Bixby, there are options galore in this domain. Though these voice assistants have proven to be pretty convenient for the average smart user, they have particularly proven to be handy for the disabled lot.

Thus, making this section of the population one of the biggest beneficiaries of virtual assistant tech. And for good reason too! Read on and find out how these digital voice assistants are helping disabled people break free of their limitations and become independent in their personal home spaces within no time:

Zero Hands-On Functionality

One of the major reasons why these voice assistants became immensely popular was because they allowed disabled persons to perform their daily tasks without the need for a helper. This included tasks as simple as switching the room lights on or even reviewing the next day’s schedule before going to bed. With hands-free operations enabled, any disabled person could now get their usual tasks done quicker than they previously did. With no need to touch a screen, move across the room, or even use a smartphone, an individual had a lot more freedom than they ever expected! In addition to this, these smart home devices gave some semblance of privacy to the disabled individual since random folks or even their caretakers didn’t have access to their digital gear. No wonder, these held massive appeal to the disabled lot while also getting a ton of things done, simply by calling out instructions throughout the day!

A Wide Range of Vocal Skills

Another great thing about these virtual assistants is that they are built-in with a wide range of voice skills, which includes all kinds of directions, commands, guidelines, recommendations, and many more. For instance, you have enabled Uber orders to Siri, so every time you want to order an Uber, all you need to do is request Siri to call Uber and the virtual assistant will order one for you. But this is among the countless functions that it can do. If you have any one of the other voice assistants like Alexa, Cortana, or Google, you can instill similar vocal skills. These can include asking them to read motivational quotes, daily news bulletin, weather report for the day, bank account details, and even your SMS messages that you may have missed if you were involved in some other task during the day. The only other thing that you need to check is a robust yet lightning-fast internet connection so that you can easily call out to the virtual assistant no matter where you are in the house. If your home internet doesn’t easily flow throughout the entire home, then you may have to think about upgrading your network or getting a new ISP, that’s super reliable like Spectrum deals connection.

Saves a Lot More Time

Among its major benefits, this one is usually not considered that important but it is just the same. And that is – a lot of time is saved. Only a disabled person knows how much time is used in accomplishing simple targets of everyday life. However, with the use of digital voice assistants, many disabled people now breathe a sigh of relief because it is quicker to get most tasks done. All you need to do is direct the virtual assistant or make them learn your daily routine and then activate them to accomplish these so that all one needs to do is give a command verbally, and voila! The task is done. For instance, you can just ask the voice assistant to enable the coffee maker and start brewing your daily cup while also instructing your smart speakers to start with your meditation hymns, so that you can open the day with a fresh burst of energy!

Helps You to De-Stress

Virtual assistants may be super convenient but they can be uber-fun and highly therapeutic as well. All a disabled individual got to do is enable the respective voice skill. Besides your daily list of chores, you can play fun games or ask hilarious questions and your digital voice assistant will humor you with insanely funny answers! If you are looking for relaxation to de-stress and calm yourself, it can even help you practice your breathing to soothe and appease your anxiety. All you need to do is ask the virtual assistant to log into your YouTube channel and tune into your favorite yogi’s daily practice. But just check that you have a stable internet service so that you can enjoy a buffer-free video. If that’s not the case, simply contact Servicio al cliente Optimum to find out how you can improve your network connection and make it fast and stable in the longer run.

Wrapping It Up,

So there you go, just some of the various ways that show how digital assistants are helping the disabled lot become independent in their personal spaces and even outside! Besides being considered a breakthrough for the tech industry, these virtual assistants can practically be used for almost everything – simply by giving voice commands for the said task(s) with zero assistance required from a helper or externally.

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