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How tall is Zoil? net worth, age, girlfriend, biography and latest updates



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How tall is Zoil? net worth, age, girlfriend, biography and latest updates.

How tall is Zoil? net worth, age, girlfriend, biography and latest updates.

Meet Zoil, a remarkable video game streamer renowned for his exceptional gaming skills and captivating gameplay. With an impressive repertoire of unique gaming abilities, Zoil has carved a niche for himself in the gaming community. His prowess in the virtual realm has earned him the distinguished title of a Twitch star, owing to his massive following of thousands of dedicated fans on his Twitch channel aptly named “Zoil.”

Zoil Profile Summary

Real NameNot known
ProfessionTwitch streamer & social media star
Date of Birth4 September 2000
Zodiac SignVirgo
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForStreaming on Twitch

Zoil Early Life and Background

Zoil, whose real name remains unknown, was born to British parents on September 4, 2000, in England. As a Virgo, he possesses qualities such as diligence, practicality, and attention to detail. While information about his educational qualifications is not readily available, we know that he completed his schooling at a local educational institute in his hometown.

Zoil is a private individual when it comes to personal information, and not many details are currently available about his parents and siblings. His mixed ethnicity reflects his diverse background, while his British nationality showcases his roots. At present, Zoil is unmarried, and his relationship status is single.

How old is Zoil?

As of 2022, Zoil is 22 years old, showcasing his youthful energy and passion for content creation.

How tall is Zoil?

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 8 inches, or approximately 203 centimeters, he commands attention with his towering presence. Zoil weighs around 96 kilograms, which complements his tall stature. With light brown curly hair and captivating brown eyes, he possesses a distinctive look that adds to his charm. Additionally, his shoe size is an impressive 15 (US), emphasizing his larger-than-life persona.

Zoil’s Career Journey

Zoil embarked on his streaming career a few years ago, primarily through his Twitch channel. His love for video games and enthusiasm for watching live streams of popular Twitch streamers ignited his passion for content creation. Motivated by his experiences, he decided to establish his own Twitch channel, marking the beginning of his influencer career.

Dedicating himself to streaming a variety of games, including L.A. Noire, Getting Over It, and Rocket League, Zoil has developed a dedicated following. He consistently streams 4-5 times a week, with each session lasting an average of 3-4 hours. Over time, his entertaining and engaging content has attracted thousands of followers, reaching the impressive milestone of 50,000 followers by the end of August 2021.

Influencer Community and Collaborations

Zoil has cultivated strong friendships with many prominent Twitch streamers, including Miskif. Recently, he made a memorable appearance on Miskif’s stream, where their noticeable height difference sparked some playful trolling. Standing at over 200 centimeters, Zoil’s tall stature sets him apart. As his popularity continues to grow, he now boasts more than 165,000 followers on Twitch, with over 1,500 paid subscribers enjoying exclusive perks.

YouTube Channel and Content

In addition to Twitch, Zoil has a YouTube channel that he established on March 7, 2015. Although he began actively sharing videos in June 2020, he has already uploaded nearly 300 videos and garnered over 5,000 subscribers. On his YouTube channel, Zoil primarily shares highlights from his Twitch live streams, providing his audience with exciting and engaging content across platforms.

Zoil Net Worth and Earnings

With his impressive online presence, Zoil has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated at $300,000. His primary source of income stems from his Twitch endeavors. As a member of the Twitch Partner program, he monetizes his live streams through advertisements. Additionally, Zoil receives generous donations from his dedicated followers during his streams. Furthermore, his paid subscriptions contribute significantly to his earnings.

At present, Zoil boasts over 1,550 active paid subscribers, which equates to a monthly income of at least $7,750 from subscriptions alone. Moreover, he secures additional revenue through personal sponsorships, further bolstering his financial standing. While Zoil may have additional undisclosed income streams, he has chosen to keep these private for now.

Interesting Facts about Zoil

To delve deeper into Zoil’s life and interests, here are some intriguing facts:

  • Zoil maintains a subreddit on Reddit, which boasts an active community of over 1,500 members.
  • He also runs a discord server named “Zoil’s Place,” with a lively community consisting of more than 5,000 members.
  • Zoil’s favorite Twitch streamer is XQC, showcasing his admiration for fellow content creators.
  • Football stands as his favorite sport, highlighting his enthusiasm for athletic pursuits.
  • An avid anime enthusiast, Zoil enjoys watching various anime series, with “One Piece” ranking among his favorites.
  • For business and contact purposes, Zoil can be reached via email at zoil[at]afkcreators[dot]com.
  • On Twitter, Zoil has been an active member since December 2014, amassing a following of more than 45,000 users. He has shared over 1,200 tweets, engaging with his audience and providing updates.
  • While his Twitter following stands at around 500 users, Zoil continues to expand his presence across multiple platforms.
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