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Nigerians react as the cost of Wike’s multi-million naira SUV, known as the “FCT-01,” is revealed

Nyesom Wike, the minister of the FCT, has taken a dramatic office resumption and done the unthinkable.

The former Rivers governor sparked controversy by driving a certain car on his first day of employment in Abuja.



How Much is Wike's SUV Really Worth

Nyesom Wike, the recently appointed minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), chose a particular car for his first day of work, which has sparked discussion in the political arena.

WOTHAPPEN reports that Wike on Tuesday, August 22, arrived at the FCTA in an armoured Lexus LX 600 SUV with the plate number ‘FCT – 01’, and this got many talking.

Breakdown of Wike’s vehicle (price) in US dollars and Naira

The Punch reported that a search on the official Lexus website puts the price of this SUV starting from $100,115; this is equivalent to N75,764,028.55.

How much is $100,000.00? – the one hundred thousand US dollars is worth ₦74,629,274.40 (NGN) today or seventy-four million six hundred twenty-nine thousand two hundred seventy-four naira 40 kobos as of 03:00 AM UTC. The mid-market currency rates were utilised to convert USD against NGN currency pair.

Therefore the cost price of Wike’s vehicle is worth, N75,764,028.55, in Nigerian currency, naira.

Nigerians react to Wike’s plate number as FCT minister

Nigerians took to X (formerly Twitter) of the Punch and reacted to the development.

@BatifiedGeralt tweeted:

“Who him papa money miss?

@Mr_9izeGuy tweeted:

“E supposed be FCT – 001 nah

“Wikematics, Abuja go know say there’s a new sheriff in town .”

@Engr_Stanley_EC tweeted:

“If you don’t gerrit, forget about it.”

@Deji_Dokun tweeted:

“Is Wike supposed to assume office in a kabu-kabu or tuk-tuk?

@AriJonsnow01 tweeted:

“Wike knows how to create attention and keep his name in the news, I guess it’s time we ignore him and let him lead the agbados to where dem no know.”

@ALFREDFranQ tweeted:

“This is why WIKE betrayed the Rivers state people and they sit there watching! Okay.”

@steve2kayy tweeted:

“This people dey chop money sha.

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