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How Much Is DNA Test In Nigeria In 2023



How Much Is DNA Test In Nigeria

The magic of DNA tests often unfolds as they unveil biological bonds—whether it’s a father seeking confirmation of his paternity or siblings exploring their kinship. Yet, this remarkable procedure is not always within everyone’s financial grasp. Pondering on the affordability aspect? Let us venture into an enlightening discussion on the cost of DNA test in the realm of Nigeria’s healthcare institutes.

Unraveling the labyrinth of parenthood, the DNA test reigns as the pinnacle of veracity and sophistication. With its veil-piercing ability, it is ubiquitously applied not only in the warm embrace of family identification but also in the cold, hard corridors of criminal investigations and forensics. Enveloping individuals in a unique DNA signature, it becomes the quintessential tool for linking them to scenes of crime, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth and justice.

What is the average cost of a DNA test in Nigerian hospitals?

In the contemporary age of scientific and medical advancements, DNA testing in Nigeria has become a widely sought-after procedure. Offering a wealth of insight into familial bonds, genetic predispositions, and heredity traits, these tests stand as a shimmering testament to the progress of the medical sector. 

However, as with other medical procedures, there is a cost factor to consider. While prices vary depending on various elements, the average price for a DNA test in Nigeria can range between 100,000 and 200,000 Naira. This price, it should be noted, predominantly covers Paternity DNA tests. A paternity test involves determining whether a man is a child’s biological father. This specific test type is particularly common due to the various familial, judicial, and personal reasons that prompt its necessity. 

On the other hand, advanced DNA tests aimed at discovering potential genetic ailments or mapping out thorough ancestry lines might necessitate a higher cost. These tests can range from 200,000 to potentially 400,000 Naira. By going beyond mere paternity results, these tests undeniably demand a more considerable financial commitment. 

However, despite the seemingly high costs, the unlimited potential for knowledge and understanding that DNA tests offer often negates any monetary hesitations. It is, therefore, important to explore the broad trajectory of DNA testing types and their implications.

Unfolding The Types Of DNA Tests 

Understanding DNA tests necessitate an exploration of their various types. Each different type carries its unique process, purpose, and, subsequently, price. In essence, there are three primary types of DNA tests to consider. 

  1. Paternity DNA Test: The most common DNA test primarily revolving around determining biological parentage.
  2. Genetic DNA Test: An extensive medical procedure aimed at detecting potential genetic disorders.
  3. Ancestry DNA Test: A comprehensive test providing detailed ancestral and ethnic lineage.

The cost of these tests is largely dependent on their complexity and the resources involved in conducting them. Particular facilities, types of analyses, long-term storage and report formation all contribute to the final cost. The understanding of why one should consider undergoing these tests becomes imperative at this point. 

Why Should One Opt for a DNA Test?

How much is the cost of DNA test in Nigeria in 2023

DNA tests stand as a magnificent testament to the power of science, unlocking the intricate secrets of our genetic code. From determining paternity to detecting anomalies within our biological blueprints, these tests serve a plethora of essential purposes. The cost of taking a DNA test in Nigeria, though, is not written in our genes — it depends on the type of DNA test that one aspires to undertake. 

Prices can vary significantly, not only in Nigeria but around the globe, generally ranging between $69 and $499. Several factors such as the location of the clinic and the trustworthiness of the test can sway the price. Formulated below is a clear and detailed breakdown of different DNA test prices as documented by the Paternity Test Nigeria

Type of DNA testPrice
Paternity DNA testN170,000
Legal paternity DNA testN250,000
Immigration DNA testN250,000
Pre-Natal DNA testN1,400,000
Full/half sibling DNA testN210,000
Grandparentage DNA testN210,000
Uncle & Aunt DNA testN210,000

A DNA test, alternatively known as a genetic test or DNA analysis, is a scientific delineation of our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). It provides indispensable information about our inherited traits and potential genetic risks. 

Unfolding The Types Of DNA Tests? 

Here’s a glimpse into the variety of DNA tests that predominate in the medical and scientific arenas: 

  • Paternity DNA test: These sagacious tests ascertain biological parentage for legal or personal reasons, providing absolute certainty in matters as complex as ancestry.
  • Genetic Health DNA test: Tailored for a comprehensive understanding of health, these tests scrutinize specific genes or genetic indicators linked with health conditions, traits, and carrier status for genetic disorders.
  • Forensic DNA test: These tests stand as an indispensable asset in criminal investigations, providing concrete evidence to reveal the identities of perpetrators, or to establish the veracity of alleged connections between DNA evidence and suspects or victims.
  • Autosomal DNA test: This investigative tool scrutinizes autosomal DNA that is inherited from both parents, revealing insightful details about diverse traits and genetic ancestry.
  • Y-DNA test: A torchbearer of lineage, this test observes the Y-DNA passed from father to son, making it an infallible tool for tracing direct paternal lineage.
  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test: mtDNA, the harbinger of maternal heritage, is bequeathed from mothers to all their offspring, yet only daughters can pass it on. This test is predominantly used to trace an individual’s maternal ancestry.

Why Should One Opt for a DNA Test? 

The significance of DNA testing spans various domains, such as: 

  • It aids adoptees in locating their biological parents or reconnecting with distant family members.
  • It offers a concrete affirmation of biological parentage, which is vital for legal proceedings and personal contexts.
  • It uncovers an individual’s ethnic lineage and geographical roots.
  • Through genetic health tests, an individual’s predispositions towards different diseases can be revealed.
  • It functions as invaluable aid in criminal investigations by assisting in the identification of suspects, victims, and the disappeared.

In Nigeria, Where Can a DNA Test Be Conducted? 

Among the renowned DNA test centres in Nigeria where testing facilities are available include: 

  • Paternity Test Nigeria
  • Clina-Lancet Laboratories
  • easyDNA Nigeria
  • DNA Labs Nigeria
  • Smart DNA Nigeria
  • Identi Gene Nigeria

What is the Pricing Model for DNA Tests in Nigeria?”

In the heart of Nigeria, the expense of undertaking a DNA test can, on average, vacillate between N210,000 and an astonishing N1,400,000. 

Unraveling the Mystery: How is a Paternity DNA Test Executed? 

Paternity DNA tests, of considerable import, delve into the intricate art of gene mapping and ancestries. Execution of these tests involves a simple, almost ritualistic procedure. The swabbing of the inner realms of both the child in question and the alleged father’s cheeks is performed. The incredible power of genetic profiling can be harnessed by a seasoned medical professional, within the sanctity of a clinic or lab, or even in the comforts of home. Alternatively, it could also be executed by any individual with an understanding of the process. 

Following this intimate exploration, the DNA-laden swabs embark on their journey to a specialized laboratory. Here, they will be analyzed meticulously, with results emerging from the veil of scientific enigma once data processing concludes. 

The cost of a DNA test in Nigeria, like the unique genetic code it unravels, is not uniform. It is subject to factors such as the specific type of DNA being investigated and the infrastructure of the chosen clinic facility. Each DNA test serves a distinct purpose and opens the door to a vast panorama of individual genetic data, each revealing its own secrets.

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