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‘How many dots do you see’ puzzle explained as 99% fail to reach answer

How many dots do you see’ puzzle

If you’re looking for the way to answer the ‘how many dots do you see’ puzzle, you’ve come to the right place.

One of the results of the global lockdown was a surge in puzzles‘ popularity. As people around the world sourced new ways to keep themselves entertained at home, riddles and brain teasers became all the rage.

These puzzles continue to dominate social media, three years on. This is largely as their solutions are often hard to reach or prove divisive. Let’s take a look at the latest trending puzzle.

What is the ‘How many dots do you see’ puzzle?

The ‘How many dots do you see’ ostensibly is a simple puzzle. You are presented with a diagram of green dots in a pattern and asked a question about how many you see.

With a variety of these puzzles doing the rounds, you could come across a number of different answers. This is as they slightly differ each time you come across it on social media.

So, for clarity’s sake, the ‘How many dots’ puzzle that we are discussing is the one as seen below. By using our explanation of the answer, you should be able to apply it to whichever dot puzzle you are tackling.

Puzzle explained

The best place to start this puzzle is by counting the number of green dots. This is the same across all the puzzles.

Where it becomes more complicated is when you factor in the context of the puzzle. There are several dots that crop up when looking at the puzzle on the above TikTok video. For example, there are dots in the question and titles, in the date and time, as well as in the caption.

Look for letters and punctuation points that feature dots, such as a lowercase ‘i’ or a question mark. By tallying up all the places you see dots, you will reach the correct answer.

What is the ‘How many dots do you see’ answer?

If you’re part of the 99 percent that A Plus Mind believes will fail successfully answering the puzzle, don’t worry, we’ve broken down the answer.

The answer is: 48.

This is the correct answer if viewing the puzzle on a mobile. Here’s a breakdown of how to reach the answer…

There are 16 green dots (16)
Then 17 dots in the letter ‘i’ seen in the title, question, caption, suggested content (33)
Followed by three from punctuation (36)
Two from the time (38)
One from the comment count (39)
Three from the comment bubble (42)
Three next to song (45)
Three next to ‘add comment’ (48)

Another potential addition is the two eyes on the emoji face, which would take the total up to 50.

However, this answer is subject to change depending on a number of factors. As it gains more attention, the like count is bound to go up, which could add another dot.

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