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“How He Take Graduate?” NYSC Member’s Letter to His Abuja PPA Leaks Online, His English Shocks Many

Mixed reactions have trailed the handwritten letter a serving corps member sent to his PPA in Abuja

The man, in the letter, applied to be cleared by his PPA and shared some challenges as well as developments in his life

The graduate’s use of English was the focus of social media users who marvelled at what the scholar wrote

A male corps member serving in Abuja has become an object of ridicule after his letter to his PPA was shared online.

Mannir Idris sent a handwritten letter requesting to be cleared while tabling complaints about some personal issues.

Netizens found his grammar appalling. Photo Credit: NurPhoto, Facebook/Blessing Dike
Source: Getty Images

His usage of English, however, left netizens in stitches.

Apart from the poor punctuation evident throughout the letter, Idris’ English was far below average. Spelling errors also marred the poorly put-together letter.

Idris communicated in the letter that he was newly married, was running a business and could not get decent accommodation in Abuja.

A netizen identified as Blessing Dike shared Idris’ letter in the Facebook group NYSC BATCH A B C, and netizens trolled him.

Reactions on social media

Israel Bridget Chizaram said:

“Firstly I would say if you are a CLO, snapping this and posting isn’t funny at all, it’s someone’s privacy,not everything should be posted,what if your lGI comes across this post.

“I’m in the North sometimes,even the ones that are graduate can’t speak proper English.

“You correct them not make fun of them.

“I know it’s funny to everyone,but if wahala comes out nobody here would be there for you.

“Certain things are meant to be looked and let it go.”

Sakatan Dickson

“Na Hausa English be this, idris.”

Natius Williams said:

“I will write my application using Chinese language let me see how you guys gonna trace the errors. abeg all die nah die shey.

“Infact used Hausa or Igbo write joooor.”

Phimia BLaze Godwyn said:

“How em take Graduate?”

Mämmïë Ëlvïs said:

“It’s very possible.

“I’ve seen a lot of graduates who can’t express themselves in simple and correct English, I wonder how they managed to pass out of universities and polytechnics.”

Jay Jay Awan said:

“And they will still get good jobs after service, it’s their type that has plenty of connections, na them get this country.”

Female corps member relocates to the UK

Meanwhile, Wothappen previously reported that a female corps member had shared a video as she relocated to the UK.

The words “To serve Nigeria with all my strength” came on screen at the start of her clip as she was dressed in her NYSC uniform.

Seconds into the video, a part shows her on the way to an international airport. She also filmed herself while aboard a plane. The lady said she would later explain the process she followed to relocate abroad. She added that it was very difficult.

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