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“How do I stop m*sturbating it’s killing me” slay queens cries out and asks for public’s help.



"How do I stop m*sturbating it's killing me" slay queens cries out and asks for public's help.

M*sturbation is when an individual stimulates their g*nitals for s*xual pleasure, which may or may not lead to org@sm. M*sturbation is common among men and women of all ages.

Research shows that among adolescents aged 14–17 years in the United States, around 74 percent of males and 48 percent of females m*sturbate.

Among older adults, roughly 63% of men and 32 percent of women between 57 and 64 years of age m*sturbate.

People m*sturbate for many reasons. These include pleasure, enjoyment, fun, and tension release. Some individuals m*sturbate alone, while others m*sturbate with a partner.

After reading this short definition of m*sturbation, what advice will you give the slay queen.

She said she started m*sturbating a year ago.

How do you think she can stop the act, let’s us know in the comments section. Don’t forget to like and also share with your friends.

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