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How Did She do it? Beautiful Lady with one Leg Drops Her Crutches as She Dances, Shakes Waist in Cute Video

How Did She do it Beautiful Lady with one Leg Drops Her Crutches as She Dances Shakes Waist in Cute Video

In the face of her physical restrictions, an amputee’s display of outward delight and contentment has touched hearts on the Internet.

A video of a woman dancing on one leg to a Nigerian song was posted online, and the woman put her crutches to one side.

Social media viewers were astounded by the woman’s unassisted clockwise rotation and waist-shaking.

A video of a woman with a prosthetic leg dancing has gone viral on social media.

The video posted on Instagram by @gossipmilltv shows a woman in tattered jeans and a t-shirt dancing to a Nigerian song in an apartment.

Many were taken aback when the lady danced energetically without her crutches, which were visible in one corner of the flat.

The woman turned clockwise while whining her waist toward the video recorder with an unbelievable ease.

She performed leg dance moves as if she had all of her limbs, all the while smiling and cheering as she danced.

The lady’s upbeat attitude despite her ailment was praised by social media users.

Watch the video below:

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