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How a Nigerian Man Found Love and Happiness Despite Past Rejection on Facebook



How a Nigerian Man Found Love and Happiness Despite Past Rejection on Facebook

 Man created a buzz on Facebook by sharing his experience with his ex-girlfriend, Chidinma.

On Tuesday, October 3, Samuel shared a post recalling how Chidinma left him eight years ago. He mentioned that she aimed to get married before turning 24 and couldn’t envision a future with him. 

Years later, still affected by the break-up, he searched for her contact and added her on WhatsApp.

Man taunts unmarried ex-girlfriend

While he was now married and had a daughter, Samuel gloated that Chidinma was still unmarried at 27.

Samuel said he added her on WhatsApp so she could view his status and would DM her whenever she missed any one of them.

“…I find way to get her number and added her on my WhatsApp so she can be viewing my status. Sometimes, if she avoid my status, I will go to her DM and greet her and ask her how is her family, her mum, dad and siblings,” he gloated.

Further trolling his ex, Samuel shared:

“The day I bought my wife a brand new iPhone 13 pro max, I posted it on my WhatsApp, she didn’t view it. The next day, I posted it and tagged only her to see it to make sure she viewed my status.

“When a girl leaves you, don’t feel bad. Make sure she doesn’t meet you on the same level as when she left.”

Man’s post about his ex irks many

Anietimfon Michael said:

“I hope she saves this for future reference purpose. Obviously, you married to get at her, she may not have married at 24, buh it’s better than choosing a petty human to live with!”

Esther Olanma Shedrach said:

“But why are you so obsessed with her? You’re married already, so face your family.”

Sy Lumn said:

“After 7 years you’re still bothered about your ex. Just say u still love her Because I don’t understand this pettiness.”

Wisdom Usoro said:

“This thing been pain this guy well well.”

Juliet Orakwue said:

“Na your type no go everly divorce if the marriage goes bad. Because you have chosen to prove a point all your life.”

DI JA said:

“Awwww. Great man. You are still trying to impress your ex and prove a point to her till now. Please, don’t move on, keep finding ways to let her know her decision was wrong.”

Chileziem Vera said:

“And your wife has no idea that you’re still in love with a girl that left you 8years ago. Maybe you got married to your wife to pepper your ex……. Properly not because you love her. May we not date or marry children!”

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