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How a Man Used ChatGPT to Help His Girlfriend Land a High Paying Remote Job Making N96.8m



How a Man Used ChatGPT to Help His Girlfriend Land a High Paying Remote Job Making N96.8m

A man has celebrated using ChatGPT to land a remote job of $130k (N96.8 million) for his girlfriend.

The man, @StockzNCrypto, shared on X that he updated his girlfriend’s resume with ChatGPT and praised God for making it possible.

“My girlfriend just landed a $130,000 remote job off an updated resume I made with chatgpt. I know the chatgpt hype died but I still be using the out of it!” he wrote on X.

In subsequent tweets, the man revealed she got a gig for the role of an insider threat analyst, which was a $15k (over N11 million) increase from her current job.

When asked the prompt he used in updating his girl’s resume, he replied:

“I just say something like “pretend you are an expert resume writer. Give me a resume with ____ years of experience at ___ number of companies. Explain how I made major impacts and include all the latest software I used.” And then keep asking it for more till it’s what I want.”

See his tweet below:

His post sparked a conversation on ChatGPT

@_soniaaaaa said:

“I use chatgpt at work everyday when I creat emails or marketing letter. It’s literally my best friend at work. it’s what helped me get promoted lol.”

@GuiltyRatchets said:

“U can literally use it for anything ….. It’s a hidden lick that if used right can make u a good amount of coin!!”

@rynolending said:

“I’ve been using ChatGPT since it’s release. I still make money with it to this day!”

@keepittrizzy said:

“You can also just tell it to create you a resume for _____ job with _____ experience etc. you don’t have to upload a resume. it can do it from scratch.”

@pretty_cellaa said:

“You have to paste your current resume in there & also the requirements from the job you’re applying to & tell it to tailor your resume to match it.”

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