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Hogan’ Bodyguard Goes Full WWE Mode: Throws Overzealous Fan off Stage



Hogan’ Bodyguard Goes Full WWE Mode: Throws Overzealous Fan off Stage

Kizz Daniel’s bodyguard, affectionately known as ‘Hulk Hogan’, threw an overzealous fan off the stage in a fit of anger.

A confounding blend of uproar and disbelief washed over the audience as the unexpected display of brute strength unfolded. This brute force is often concealed behind the stoic countenance of the bodyguard, only revealed in moments of perceived threat. But what led to this startling intervention? 

The size of Kizz Daniel’s bodyguard sparked reactions on social media, and a video of him putting it to good use has sparked reactions.

In the viral clip, a male fan luckily ran past the bodyguard who had his eyes on Kizz Daniel and went to the centre of the stage.

The singer continued his performance as his bodyguard gave the overzealous fan a small chase while subtly warning him.

In the twinkle of an eye, the young man was in the arms of the bodyguard, and he was sent flying into the crowd that exclaimed out of shock.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to video of Kizz Daniel’s bodyguard throwing fan off stage

The viral clip generated mixed reactions. Read some of the comments gathered below:


“If he go die like that ko?”


“E warn am na “


“The guy deserve ham he see person like that he dey use him play “


“Even though the guy deserve am cuz e no hear word. The bouncer no suppose throw am like that. If e go injure another person nko.”


“This bouncer get anger issues o”


“Why them go throw person like that when no be stone.”


” Nigeria and Wahala.”


“Why the bouncer face con be like samlarry face.”


“And I pay money come the show.”


“Person Papa.”


“Na rubbish he do.”

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