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Here is What We Know About The Story Of a JSS 2 Student Impregnating A Youth Corper In Akwa Ibom State



Here is What We Know About The Story Of a JSS 2 Student Impregnating A Youth Corper In Akwa Ibom State

Some days ago, reports went viral that a JSS2 student impregnated a female NYSC member leaving many in shock.

The story goes this way: a randy female member of the National Youth Service Corps got impregnated by a junior secondary school student in Akwa Ibom.

According to the news which trended some days ago, both have been having a secret affair.

Well, everything got exposed after the NYSC member’s stomach got bigger attracting the attention of people.

The story further revealed that the school expelled both the student and the NYSC member, even reporting her to the authorities. Now she’s in hot soup.

I was really shocked when I read the story.

I found the news fishy and decided to dig more about it ‘cos I found it hard to believe that a graduate would condescend so low as to sleep with a JSS2 student who’s probably 11 or 12 years.

To me, that’s unthinkable.

Where will they even be doing the bedmatics, come to think of it. No mention of the school or community where the incident took place except the state in the news report.

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After a little digging, I found out the story was just another concocted news just for the sake of sensationalism, clicks and money.

I found out that the same story trended on Twitter in 2016 and was posted on Nairaland way back in 2016, about an NYSC member getting pregnant for a JSS2 student.

But this time, the fake writer of the news said it happened in Osun. If you think I am joking, just type ‘Jss2 Student Impregnates nysc member in Osun’ and you will see the same story happened in 2016.

So many fake stories on news platform these days.

The worst is that, it is these fake stories that can’t stop trending. When you write something meaningful and educative, Nigerians will just jump and pass. But, write rubbish for them, you will see everybody sharing it.

People continue to read junk. Such a sad tale!

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The news media in Nigeria is becoming a serious joke and I am very sick of it.

I first read this recent edition of the story that said it happened in Akwa Ibom state on Opera News and I was shocked that such a thing could be published on the platform.

What a joke!

That discovery gave impetus to my personal conviction that Opera News intentionally proliferate its platform with sensational and fake news just to keep readers occupied.

The sad part is that for such a story to trend on its platform, it is another way of tarnishing the image of the NYSC programme. I have no doubt in me that Opera News has become a dumpsite for fake, sensational and nonsensical stories.

If you try to correct the anomaly or write about it on their platform, those incompetent editors on the platform will never publish it. Phew!!!

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