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“He Is in Our DM Begging”: Lady Dumped for Giving Birth to Twins Poses With Cute Sons, Females Gush

He Is in Our DM Begging Lady Dumped for Giving Birth to Twins Poses With Cute Sons Females Gush

Social media users couldn’t help but gush as a woman showed off her handsome twin sons

The woman said she was dumped by her partner because she gave birth to twins

However, she did not give up on the kids and years later the same man is in their DM begging for them to get back together

A young-looking mum has flaunted her handsome grown twin sons on social media as she shared their story.

Using the popular TikTok voiceover app, she shared a clip of the kids when they were newborns and revealed that her partner left them because he didn’t want twins.

She followed up that photo with two pictures of the twin boys as young adults. In one of the photos, she positioned herself in the middle as the cute young men flanked her on both sides.

A write-up on the picture explained that their dad is now in their DM begging to be reunited with them.

See her post below:

Social media reactions

user9853755948531 said:

“That’s how my daddy did when we were born twins he said no and mom took care of us until my twins died at the age of 7 now its just me my mom is late.”

Kqueen199 said:

“His biggest loss. You have beautiful boys and I’m pretty sure you did a good job raising them.”

mirianchinagorom52 said:

“Please ma am single can u link me to the one that came out first, pastor told me I will meet my husband today by this time on TikTok and is your son.”

user846750742107 said:

“Hey mother in-Law just stopping by to tell you to tell my fiance the one on your left hand side I’ll be late by 5munites later on.”



“This is so cute.

“I pray my twins live to be grate in life and I pray I eat the fruit of my labor.

“Single mom is not a joke ooo.

“Kudos to you.”

sukuboanni said:

“My mother in law am also a twin so we are good to go.”

Lady dumped by husband shares her transformation with her child

WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a lady with a kid dumped by her husband showed off their amazing transformation.

Sharing a video with a throwback photo of when she was a nursing mother, the woman said that her husband was always beating her before he finally left them.

Seconds into the video, a photo where she is looking very beautiful came up. She revealed that the same man is back in her DM, now that her life has changed, to beg her. Another part shows that the child he abandoned is also grown.

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