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Happy Boys Warn OPM Pastor to Come Clean as They Disclose Scary Voice Note and Threaten to Disclose More

Happie Boys, a group of Nigerian dancers, are in the news once more after posting an unexpected voice note on Instagram.

After calling out the founder of Omega Power Ministries, the young lads became popular on social media.



Happy Boys Warn OPM Pastor

Pastor Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, the general overseer of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), has been embroiled in yet another issue following his break with the Happie Boys.

The boys accused him of getting girls pregnant and threatened them in a new Instagram post.

They posted the alleged evidence of a voice note featuring pastor Chibuzor threatening one of the girls to stay silent and not call him out in public.

Happie Boys vow never to let matter slide

According to Happie Boys, Pastor Chinyere noted that many other pastors have scandals, and it wouldn’t take Nigerians time to move on from him.

In their words;

“Listen to your god of man begging, bragging, and threatening a girl. He also threatened to block her from receiving help from OPM Church if she tells the world.

“Apornstle Chinyere Gift Nwankwo, remember God says in the book of Mathew Ch. 5 Vs 29 that “If any part of your body causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away.

“God has sent me to liberate you from this act. You must come out to confess openly not only to your members but to the world. If not, you’re going to Jail, I promise.

Happie Boys reveal they have taken the matter to authorities

In their Instagram post, they reiterated that they had already informed all appropriate authorities to investigate the matter.

They wrote,

“The wife of the Inspector General Of Police cried after listening to some of the evidence we tendered to her, FIDA Nigeria, International Federation of Women Lawyers’s Chairperson Abuja, is interested since FIDA Rivers is still painting the matter.

“UNICEF is interested in this case, as I have written. United Nations Internship Network is studying the case as a case study United Nations Human Rights Commission is interested.

“We are still waiting for Public Complaints Commission FCT, Nigeria. I have tendered overwhelming evidence to all relevant authorities, so we await your return to Nigeria.”

Reactions as Happie Boys blow hot, ask OPM pastor to confess

King_teeoby said:

“This na why people nor dey want help poor people. Don’t feed every hungry dog you see.”

Gideon.obinna.39 stated:

“I knew there was something more to this OPM pastor and those boys, I know say e no end here, last last pastor fit be gay, happy boys surely acts like it.”

Giftadene added:

“While I know the boys are ingrates, the man doesn’t sound innocent either.

Watch the video below:

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